The “Thursday First Date” Rule

First dates are nerve-racking, exciting events and potentially the start of a new relationship in a man’s life. The options and venues are well known and, whether you rely on a good old fashioned drink and chat at a bar or prefer something more unorthodox, you’ll likely make sure it’s a venue both of you feel comfortable with. But a detail that is commonly agreed first and overlooked in terms of its importance is the day you go out. Mostly it’s simply a detail agreed for the sake of convenience and availability but we believe that you can make your date more fun by simply arranging it for a Thursday evening and here’s why…

1) Weekends are Booked up

Working all week means that many live for the weekends and chances are you’ll have had plans arranged for weeks. Drinks with colleagues on a Friday, that big stag-do on Saturday and Sunday dinner with family, chances are your date will be in a similar situation. Even if you don’t have anything planned you might like the weekend to kick back and relax after the long week rather than worrying about your date in the evening.

However, Thursdays have become the “new Fridays”. Bars looking to fill seats during the middle of the week will be hosting happy hours and offers, restaurants will be lively without being fully booked and there’ll be an excited pre-weeekend buzz everywhere. You’re more likely to both be available and the options open to you will be less restricted by the weekend rush.

2) Thursday Discourages Mistakes

Although they may be the “new Fridays” you’ll still probably have work the next day and have to be in the office at 9am. As a result, you’ll be less likely to drink too much, and make a fool of yourself, or stay out late and end up getting a taxi home. Also, it will discourage both of you from rushing things and ending up with a one night stand rather than a long-term relationship (understandably this may be some people’s aim but the objective of this article is to discuss first dates not hookups).

This is not to say that Thursday is no fun, you have the added element of that early TGIF feeling and the fact Friday is usually about tying off tasks before a weekend rather than knuckling down for meetings or late nights in the office, so enjoy yourself.

3) Early Week Dates can be Depressing

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are depressing days of the week for most people. You have work, you’ll need to go to the gym, you may need to work late and you probably have a full inbox waiting for you. So arranging a date on these days just simply sucks a little of the fun out of them. Your mind may be distracted, you may have to cancel or worse it may just not be enjoyable for either of you.

Leave the early week to pub quizzes and time to yourself. Your date will be better because of it and you won’t have to worry about pesky thoughts playing on your mind. Instead you can enjoy each other’s company and the night itself.

4) Not to State the Obvious but….

Thursday even SOUNDS like “first date”! Need we say more?

Well that’s our guide to why Thursdays make the perfect first date night. If you like the article then please comment, like and/or share it with your friends. If you disagree feel free to tell us, we wouldn’t want to discourage your first date rules.

By Adam Walker