Our Top 5 Gentleman Style Icons

A list of the best dressed gentlemen in the celebrity world and what we love about their style. Make sure to pick up some tips and advice from them for yourself!

No. 5: Ryan Reynolds

Renowned as one of the nicest men in Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds originally found fame in the sitcom “Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place”. After being picked up as a comic talent he starred in a variety of teen movies, rom-coms and action movies performing alongside movie heavyweights like Hugh Jackman, Sandra Bullock and Blake Lively. He became a style icon after Hugo Boss signed him on as their new brand representative. From then on his “suited and booted” style has regularly been cited as one of the sharpest looks around and an inspiration for male styling everywhere.

No. 4: Leonardo DiCaprio

In our opinion, DiCaprio has been the epitomy of a poster boy growing into a gentleman of style. Following his success in movies like “Inception”, “The Great Gatsby” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” he is rapidly becoming the iconic actor of a generation. His style has also matured to become a timeless, clean-cut image that is the epitomy of suave with a slight hint of playboy attitude. We look forward to seeing much more of him on our cinema screens and more male fashion inspiration in the future.

No. 3: Jon Hamm

Putting aside the fact that “Mad Men” is one of the most stylish and suave shows currently being broadcast, and Don Draper being one of the most charismatic characters on TV, Jon Hamm has always held his own off-screen when showing off his fashion sense. His command of the simple blazer and open-neck shirt look has been regularly discussed and, whether sporting the clean-shaven or bearded look, he’s always been an icon of men’s style. At 43 he also proves that age is no barrier for men who want to look good.

No. 2: David Gandy

It’s difficult to look anywhere in male fashion without coming upon David Gandy’s image and rightly so. His initial modelling work with Dolce & Gabbana’s fragrance “Light Blue” saw him rocket to stardom and pretty soon everyone was clamoring for him to be part of their new campaigns. Widely regarded as the final word in men’s fashion he is currently working with M&S on their new summer style campaign for 2014. We look forward to a long and successful career from Gandy and hope to see more style inspiration soon.

No. 1: Robert Downey Jr.

Whatever you think of Robert Downey Jr., regarding his history with drugs or flamboyant behaviour, there is no denying he is a true representative of men’s styling done right. His success in the Iron Man franchise has put him firmly in Hollywood’s good graces with his early performances in “Zodiac” and as Charlie Chaplin have been a strong foundation in a long acting career. His fashion sense and slight eccentricity put him firmly at the top of our list. We can all learn a lesson from how this man dresses himself.

Well that covers our top 5 male style icons at present. As always if you’ve enjoyed the article feel free to like, comment and/or share this with your friends and followers. If you feel we’ve missed someone out make sure to comment below and we’ll see if they make it into our next article.

By Adam Walker