What a Gent is Listening to: Chet Baker

If you’re looking for some chilled music for a gentleman’s party this summer then Chet Baker is the artist for you. One of the most iconic names in music his style is the embodiment of classic jazz, exploring his pain and drug-addiction through stunningly beautiful and timeless music.

Arguably his most famous piece, “My Funny Valentine”, is well known for it’s delicate vocals, classic romantic themes and chillingly beautiful trumpet solos.

Despite early success Baker began to succumb to a heroin addiction in the 1950s and his career suffered as he pawned off various instruments to maintain it. The addiction proved to be a very real threat when he was brutally beaten outside of one of his gigs in 1968, the assault left him with severe lacerations and scarring as well as breaking the majority of his front teeth. As a result, Baker lost the ability to play his horn, seemingly ending his musical career.

It wasn’t until 1978 that he returned to jazz with fitted dentures and, having re-trained himself to play, he performed in a variety of films and gigs across Europe. He found new success in the form of a partnership with Elvis Costello when his music was exposed to an an entirely different audience and renewed popularity followed. His piece “Almost Blue” was originally written by Costello as an homage to earlier work and Baker often played it at concerts.

For the man who is enjoying a quiet summer evening or hosting a classy party you cannot go wrong with Chet Baker’s music to help bring a chilled end to the night. The Male Stylist highly recommends “That Old Feeling”, “I Fall In Love Too Easily” and “It’s Always You” as tracks that will add a classic chilled factor to your party as well as kindle a love for jazz.

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