Mint vs. Skint: Men’s Black Pepper Body Wash

Men’s body washes can sometimes fall short of expectations, some don’t provide a good clean whilst others just don’t smell particularly masculine. Despite the size of the market, the choice has always been remarkably limited at times. We at The Male Stylist have always been fans of finding products that suit a man’s needs, rather than barely cover them. So here are a few of our favourite body washes, for two different budgets, that will help you smell and feel like a man after every shower.

Mint: Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash – £18.00


Molton Brown are one of the top names in luxury bath & shower products, often using fantastic combinations of ingredients to produce their ranges. Arguably one of the most iconic and successful Molton Brown products of all time is their Black Peppercorn Body Wash, a classic male grooming essential that is as masculine as it is luxurious. The wash uses Madagascan ingredients to create a combination of spice, wood and musky scents, providing an experience that not only cleans but also leaves you with a subtle manly fragrance on your skin. Commended by both professionals and consumers its predecessor, the Re-charge Black Pepper wash, provided a much longer smell than that of the newer formula introduced recently. Despite the new product’s slightly reduced “scent lifespan” this is still a bottle that should be part of every man’s shower routine, if they can afford it, and definitely one you won’t be able to stop using after you’ve tried it.


Skint: Radox Black Pepper & Ginseng or Original Source Black Peppercorn & Chilli Shower Gel – £1.10-£2.99

Radox Black Pepper & Ginseng Shower Gel

If you’re not keen on spending so much on your shower gels then Radox and Original Source have you covered. Both of their alternatives use  different ingredient combinations to add to the black pepper base. Radox has used Ginseng (a favourite here at The Male Stylist) which adds a level of fresh sweetness to the overall fragrance and nicely compliments the spice of the black pepper. Conversely however, Original Source have added chilli which contributes a real heat to the scent of the product and works well with the black pepper in providing a warmer smell.

Although both tend to have a shorter “scent lifespan” than the more expensive products, they are much more affordable to replace in the long run. For a gentleman who wants a great shower experience at a bargain price, you’ll have a hard time finding better suited products than these.

Well that covers our favourites but if you have other brands you think do a great job then feel free to comment below and we’ll review them. If you’ve enjoyed the article be sure to comment, like and share this with your gentleman friends or follow us by email/on Twitter.

By Adam Walker