3 Simple Skincare Hacks For Men

It’s a sad truth that a lot of men don’t have a skincare regime and many more don’t know the benefits of having a good one. A gentleman should always take care of his skin as it’s the foundation of any outfit. So, in order to keep you looking sharp and clean cut we’ve put together some simple skincare hacks that will help you keep your skin clear, toned and smooth.

Skincare Hack 1: Under-Eye Care

A large amount of men suffer from dark circles or bags under their eyes and, as a result, it can have a huge impact on their self-confidence. There are a great deal of products available out there to help alleviate this problem but what is often overlooked is how you should apply them.

Most men will rub in the product from the bridge of their nose out to the corner of their eye in a dragging motion. However, this actually stretches the under-eye skin out and actively exacerbates the look of under-eye bags which can lead to permanent damage. A better approach is the inverse technique of smoothing the product from the outside of your eye, to the bridge of your nose. This helps the skin absorb your chosen product more effectively and massages the skin to aid repairing.

Skincare Hack 2: Get Into An Exfoliating Routine

To use a DIY metaphor, exfoliating your skin is like sanding woodwork. It helps smooth your skin, remove imperfections and marks, as well as reducing the chances of spots by keeping pores clear. By getting into a good exfoliating routine you are ensuring that your skin remains healthy and clear in the long-term. Always remember that when you do exfoliate that you shouldn’t do so on sensitive areas of the skin, such as around your eyes, as it can be quite harsh.

There are several good exfoliators on the market currently including the Clean&Clear Morning Energy Scrubs, which use a variety of natural ingredients to re-energise skin, to the new Clinique Men’s Face Scrub which leaves a luxuriously clean feeling when used. It’s highly recommended men exfoliate once-a-week if they have oily skin and twice-a-week for normal/dry skin to help keep skin clear and healthy.

Skincare Hack 3: Cool Water Afterwash

Once you’ve finished shaving or washing your face, you should always rinse your skin with cool water afterwards. This helps clean any excess soap or shaving foam away whilst at the same closing pores to prevent dirt and oil getting in. It also helps tighten and tone the skin resulting in a sharper overall look. By making it a regular part of your skincare routine you can help improve skin clarity and health without using any other products.

Well those are some of our top skincare hacks to help you with your regimes. As usual if you’ve enjoyed the article then do feel free to like, comment and share this with your friends/followers. You can also sign-up to be notified of new posts and follow The Male Stylist activity. If you have any comments or tips that you’d like to add feel free to leave them in the comments below.

By Adam Walker