5 Stylish Summer Cocktails For A Gentleman

Summer is now in full swing, garden parties are kicking off on weekends and the “BBQ season” is just starting. So instead of providing your guests with bottles of lager or pitchers of pimms this summer, we decided to put together a list of classic summer cocktails that a gent can enjoy as well as add a stylish twist to your summer party.

5) Mojito

A classic South American cocktail this is a refreshing, crisp and beautifully presented drink. The use of Demarara sugar, mint, lime and spiced rum provides a sweet cocktail that has a fresh-mint aftertaste. Made famous by gentlemen such as James Bond, this is a great summer cocktail that will leave you wanting more.


50ml Havana Club Anejo Especial Rum

1/2 Lime (cut into 4 wedges)

10 Mint Leaves

1 tsp Demarara Sugar

Crushed Ice

Ice-cold Soda Water


Squeeze limes into bottom of a collins glass, add mint 8 mint leaves and sugar. Muddle into each other until sugar and mint has mixed with the lime juice.

Add Havana club and fill halfway with crushed ice. Stir gently for 5-10 seconds.

Add soda water to 1 inch below glass brim.

Fill to top with crushed ice and garnish with remaining mint leaves.

4) Twisted Whiskey Sour

This is a modern interpretation on a classic whiskey cocktail, using lime juice and orange juice (instead of the traditional lemon juice) this creates a slightly more sweet-citrus flavour with a sour kick at the end. Refreshing and perfect for warm afternoons in the sun these are perfect for barbecues or lunches with friends, they’re also very easy to make.


50ml Bourbon Whiskey

20ml Lime Juice

15ml Sugar Syrup

30ml Orange Juice

2-3 Drops of Aromtic Bitters


Fill a mixing tin 3/4 full with ice

Add all the ingredients to the tin and shake well for 15-20 seconds.

Pour into tumbler glass and garnish with slice of orange.

3) Martini

If not the most famous cocktail in the world then certainly a contender, the martini exudes class, elegance and style whilst being, visually, a very simple drink. There are hundreds of varieties from the Espresso Martini to the Pugh’s Peppercorn, however we chose a gin martini for i’s simplicity and sharp taste.


50ml Gin

25ml Dry Vermouth


Twist of Lemon Peel


Pour the gin and vermouth into a shaker and add a generous amount of ice.

Stir for 20-30 seconds (do not shake as this will bruise the gin)

Strain into chilled martini glass and add lemon twist to garnish.

2) Negroni

A beautiful Italian cocktail, this is a perfect example of a variety of summer flavours coming together to create a smooth and elegant beverage. Campari is the main star adding a crisp, bitter flavour which is slightly mellowed by the sweet vermouth. An acquired taste but one that we love!


35ml Campari

35ml Sweet Vermouth

35ml Gin



Pour all ingredients into a collins glass/tumbler

Stir well for 20-30 seconds

Garnish with twist of orange

1) The Old Fashioned

The cocktail that is almost always associated with the classic gentleman, this is a vintage recipe that has stayed stylish for decades. The drink of choice for Don Draper, this is a sweet mixture that uses sugar syrup and whiskey to provide a smooth flavour. If you want a slight twist, we recommend using Maple Syrup instead of sugar syrup.


50ml Scotch/Bourbon Whiskey

2-3 drops of Whiskey Sours

Twist of Orange Peel

1 tsp Sugar Syrup



Squeeze orange peel into a tumbler and rub around the rim of the glass then add to glass.

Add sugar syrup and whiskey sours plus 3-4 cubes of ice

Add the half the whiskey and stir for 10-15 seconds

Add more ice and the rest of the whiskey, stir again for 10-15 seconds.

Garnish with cherry/twist of lemon

Those are our favourite summer cocktails for gentleman , as usual if you’ve enjoyed the article feel free to comment, like and/or share it with your friends/followers. If you feel we’ve missed a stylish drink then feel free to leave it in the comment box below.

By Adam Walker