What A Gent’s Wearing: Our Top 3 Outfits

Since starting The Male Stylist we’ve put together 10 different outfits, covering a variety of styles, cuts and occasions with each one defining a certain element of what we love. Ahead of a very special outfit post we’re putting together for next week we decided to review our top 3 outfits, as judged by their popularity with you.

3) Italian Styling for Summer

Italian Summer Styling

Undoubtedly one of our favourite lighter outfits for summer that is as simple as it is stylish. Inspired by the likes of Michael Fassbender, Jude Law and Daniel Craig. The combination of the simple white polo and light beige chinos gives an Italian Riviera feel to the whole ensemble.

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2) The Spring/Summer Smart Style

What A Gent’s Wearing Spring/Summer Smart Style

Inspired by Don Draper and the relaxed 50s spring fashion of that era, we put together this outfit that combined the use of grey jeans, a deep blue v-neck sweater and white shirt to create an incredibly versatile piece that was appropriate for the cooler spring/summer months earlier in the year. With a dark tan belt and boots to accessorise it the look was a mix between vintage design and contemporary detailing. You guys definitely liked it.

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1) The Casual Blazer for Business

Men's Smart Blazer Fashion

Our first ever outfit post, and by far our most popular with over 500 visits and many shares, was the casual blazer for business purposes. Inspired by The Overtones and their dapper/casual tailoring we put together a smart grey jacket, black trousers and a simple navy tie/white combination to create a suave outfit that would be appropriate for almost any work situation. Accessorised with a pocket square and tie clip to sharpen the feel of the ensemble it exudes confidence and charisma for those who wear it.

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Well those are our top 3 as voted by you. Special thanks to everyone who has shared, commented, liked or just read the articles, your feedback and comments have really helped us in defining what people are looking for in these posts. Next week we’ll be putting together a special outfit post, until then feel free to subscribe and comment on what outfits you liked out of the 10 we’ve done so far. Let us know what you’d like to see and we can look into creating that look for you in future posts as we’re always looking for new inspiration.

By Adam Walker