3 More Men’s Style Bloggers We Love

Every now and then we like to throw out some love to our fellow bloggers in the men’s style community to show our respect and thanks to them. Today we look at 3 bloggers who have brought entirely new perspectives to concepts of men’s style and shown that there are no rules to this business, as long as you’re passionate and willing to put yourself out there.

Style Girlfriend


Who says men’s style blogging can only be done by men? Certainly not us! The personal blog of Megan Collins is one of the most successful, and also most insightful, blogs for men on the internet. In it Megan covers a variety of topics including lifestyle, health, travel, fashion, grooming and even interior decorating and (as a result) is an authority in almost every aspect of men’s lives.

Her style philosophy is beautifully succinct and yet covers all the necessities associated with men’s fashion, whilst her Style Girlfriend Girl Talk discusses the transformative nature of personal styling and the philosophical journeys it can take us on. Quite frankly, Megan is a truly inspirational blogger who provides a fresh perspective on topics that men may have never seen before. Go check out the blog and you’ll come away with an completely new understanding of what “dressing well” means.

Grey Fox


The Grey Fox blog is something of a rare gem on the internet, a website that defies age and short-lived fads, instead discussing timeless styling for the maturer gentleman. Its owner (David Evans) is a remarkably humorous and modest man who writes about his experiences with personal styling and clothing  unbound by age or current trends. He is a an icon of inspiration for men everywhere, showing that time does not necessitate the loss of your personal style, and maintains that good personal styling evolves and matures as you do.

He was recently cited as one of the top male bloggers by Fashionbeans and regularly appears in various fashion campaigns/press releases. Regardless of your age or personal style preferences, we think you should check him out and subscribe. You’ll learn a great deal about men’s fashion and have a fantastic time reading it. We just hope he can teach us “new dogs” some old tricks…

Boy Meets Fashion


The world of Boy Meets Fashion is one of elegance, sophistication, effortless styling and elegant parties, if we’re honest we’re a bit jealous. Brainchild of Jai’me Jan, who was tapped by The Telegraph as the 8th Top Fashion Insider on Twitter, this site is as educational as it is stunningly presented. Upon landing on the homepage you are greeted with beautiful photography, minimalist designs and stunning outfits making it a joy to visit every time you go there.

Each individual post is a pleasure to read, whilst his Twitter feed is a mixture of witty observations and informative content. He was one of the first people we started following when The Male Stylist was only an idea in the back of our heads, as a result he is an inspiration to us as a blogger, stylist and fashion authority. Check out the site, read his posts and we promise you’ll never look back.

Those were just a few more of our favourite bloggers out there, so make sure to read them as you’ll get plenty of great information and advice. If you liked the article feel free to comment, like and/or share it with your friends. If you know of a blog that should be on our next list then leave a comment below and we’ll get it featured next time.

By Adam Walker