Review: Scaramouche & Fandango Range


Aside from having one of the more eccentric names in the industry, Scaramouche & Fandango have recently been building a reputation for themselves as one of the top brands in the gentleman style and grooming industry. Having been nominated for the Shortlist 2014 awards for best hair care and receiving a wide variety of critical acclaim from bloggers and magazines. We were gifted a selection of products and keen to test some of their range set to work to get our own opinion on their product collection.

Quality – 3/5


For the most part the quality of the S&F product range is of a good standard, the bodywash is a light gel that lathers nicely and cleans effectively when applied to the skin leaving it feeling fresh and clean. The hydrator has a nice texture and thickness to it, when applied the skin feels softer and smoother almost immediately and it leaves hardly any residue. The shampoo is worthy of its award nomination as it forms a thick lather on the hair that has a high-quality, luxurious feel.

However, the product that let us down was the shaving cream. We’ve come to expect a lot from a good shaving cream, thick lather, easy application and good moisturising. Unfortunately this cream’s lather just doesn’t feel very thick and it rapidly thins after being applied to the face. By no means are we saying it’s a bad shaving cream, it’s just not of the same standard as the rest of the S&F collection.

Favourite Product: The shampoo is a clear winner here, a product that feels great to use every time you use it. It was not luck that got it the nomination for the Shortlist awards, that’s for sure.

Fragrance – 4/5

The fragrance used in the Scaramouche & Fandango range is one that we haven’t encountered before. A remarkably contemporary and fresh scent that not only wakes you up in the morning but also remains as a subtle scent on the skin for the rest of your day. The Eau de Toilette is the purest representation of this fragrance and whilst smelling modern and fresh, it doesn’t smell artificial. It’s natural and modest and so doesn’t overpower yours (or anyone else’s) sense of smell.

Favourite Product: The bodywash and EDT both have the best scents in the collection, as far as we’re concerned. When used you not only smell clean and fresh, but you feel it for the rest of your day/evening.

Packaging – 5/5


This is one of the main strengths of the S&F range in that they are instantly recognisable and look masculine in any man’s washbag. A clever twist on the periodic table layout of the elements, the styling of the product packaging looks great, whilst the use of colours contrast beautifully with their matte black background. Together the range looks elegant and manly without being patronising in the way its packaged or marketed. Subtlety appears to be the word that best covers this product range and the packaging is a great example of that.

Pricing – 4/5

With the entire range sitting around the £10 mark per item it’s not the cheapest range we’ve seen, however considering the beautiful packaging, general good quality and great fragrance; it’s well worth investing in at least item to see whether it is worth your time. A travel pack (consisting of bodywash, shampoo, shave cream and hydrator) will cost you around £14, which isn’t bad considering the variety you’re getting for your money.

Overall Score – 4/5


Scaramouche & Fandango have been bold in both the production and marketing of this product. It’s a great range that is both iconic and modern without appearing looking as though they’re trying to target only younger consumers. With a few minor amendments to some of their products they would have a formidable product on the market, currently it’s certainly a game changer and one that we hope will stick around.

By Adam Walker