3 Winter Style Icons for Gentlemen

Men’s winter style comes in many forms, varieties and designs. The rustic combination of denim and wool, the classic gentleman’s tweed or the Parisian chic of roll necks and trench coats; all of these represent a single element of a gentleman’s winter wardrobe. Tailoring these designs into outfits, however, takes inspiration and fortunately for us there are a fair few male style icons out there to inspire us. We’ve put together 3 of our favourites who represent great men’s winter style for you to review.

Jeremy Piven

The star of “Mr Selfridge” with roles in “Entourage” and “Grosse Point Blank” is a firm favourite as one of the top men’s style icons around right now. Already named as one of the top men’s fashion icons by Men’s Fashion Magazine, the charisma and versatility of his looks has made them instantly recognisable and influenced the way men style themselves everywhere.

Daniel Craig

http://gty.im/154744709 As James Bond, Craig almost gets a free pass as a gentleman’s style icon. However, his more casual Autumn/Winter looks have always been understated representations of rugged masculinity with chic contemporary details. We particularly love his uses of knitwear and cardigans, whilst his more casual tailored looks make a warm Winter even more stylish.

David Gandy

We’ve mentioned and featured Gandy several times on the site and for good reason. He is currently one of the most ubiquitous style icons around thanks to his work with Davidoff, Marks & Spencers and several other labels. However, his use of chic, elegant yet masculine fashion has meant he has become a great inspiration to gentlemen everywhere. We would go into more detail about his style but the image above does only a small amount of justice to the great design guidance he can offer men. Check out his looks and be sure to start incorporating a few of them into your wardrobe, your winters will start looking better instantly.

Well that covers our top 3 winter style icons for men. As always if you’ve enjoyed the article feel free to like, comment and/or share this with your friends and followers. If you feel we’ve missed someone out, make sure to comment below and we’ll see if they make it into our next article. Don’t forget to subscribe for more ideas from The Male Stylist in the future as well as competitions and product reviews.

By Adam Walker