3 More Top Men’s Style Bloggers We Love

For regular readers of The Male Stylist, you know that we enjoy sharing some blogger love with our fellow male style bloggers out there. They are people who inspire ideas, push the boundaries of current trends and communicate their advice with their readers in a clear and caring manner. Today we discuss 3 more who we regularly check in on for style inspiration and tips, we highly recommend you check all three out as you may find some advice in there that will help you on your discovery of personal style.

Il Blog Del Marchese (The Italian Gentleman)


As many of you know, we’re big fans of Italian styling. However, The Italian Gentleman is someone who perfectly embodies the idea of true Italian style. The founder and author, Mr A.M.A regularly shows off classic masculine elegance through his designs and has been described as “The Aristo-Fashionist” by press.

Although his site is in Italian we definitely advise you to check out his outfit posts and style ideas. No doubt you will learn something about gentleman styling as well as be inspired by his timeless fashion ideas.



Renowned blogger and menswear expert Toni Tran writes the fantastic Fashitects blog, designed to advise on both modern, contemporary and classic styles for men. His photography and writing is nothing short of the highest quality and his forward-thinking fashion sense has already made him an authority in menswear design.

Outside of menswear he also blogs about travelling, cooking, grooming and architecture meaning that there is something for every reader who lands on his site. Go check out Fashitects and be sure to follow him, it’s a feast for the eyes and the mind.




Having already established the well known blog Les Garcons De Glasgow, Jonathan Daniel Pryce moved to London to pursue a career in fashion and street photography. The GarçonJon blog is a tribute to great men’s fashion of all types and eras with a focus on his stunning photography that never fails to capture true beauty in urban environments.

His work with fashion editors, models and other bloggers has been extremely successful and his #100Beards tumblr (now at no. 234) shows off some great examples of beard grooming for gentlemen. His talents and sense of style are on display in this blog, so we advise you to read it and soak up as much as you can.

Those were just a few more of our favourite bloggers out there, so make sure to read them as you’ll get plenty of great information and advice. If you liked the article feel free to comment, like and/or share it with your friends. If you know of a blog that should be on our next list then leave a comment below and check it out for next time.

By Adam Walker