What A Gent’s Wearing: Tailoring With A Twist


Tailoring can sometimes be over-simplified by men, relying on the same colour schemes and item combinations to create very similar looks without exploring different style ideas. This week’s outfit was an experiment based on breaking this pattern, working with different tailoring elements, fabrics and colours to help create a look that is a statement of style and men’s fashion. 

The outfit is started with a simple, slim-fit black suit which helps provide a trim figure and sharp look. The addition of the grey vest provide a clean contrast that is both subtle and stylish. Incorporating a black-and-white gingnam shirt helps highlight the black colouring of the suit and the white of the pocket square. Finally, the use of a red-knitted tie adds texture and a splash of colour to the overall outfit structure.


Suit – Zara

Waistcoat – River Island

Shirt – Hawes & Curtis

Tie – T.M. Lewin

Belt – Hugo Boss

Shoes – Red Tape

This outfit was created for attending the Off The Rails show on Friday, a menswear fashion event that takes place over 4 days celebrating the best in menswear and style. It was a great success with some fantastic clothes ranges, grooming experts and a fair few male bloggers in attendance (including Barrie Thomson from the newly founded Book Ends & Bin Ends site). We’ll be sure to book our tickets for next year and highly recommend you do too!

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By Adam Walker