3 Tips To Stay Warm & Stylish This Winter

The icy grip of winter has come to the UK after a considerably mild Autumn season and, with temperatures dropping and frost appearing, it’s time to start dressing for warmth as well as style. Men can often mistake “dressing warmly” as just throwing on as many chunky items of clothing as possible. Not only can this look disastrous but it might not necessarily be the most efficient way to stay warm. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you feel warm and look hot this winter season.

3) Make Use of Hidden Thermals

For men who enjoy wearing suits and shirts, the use of an under-shirt during winter is almost a necessity. However, rather than just going for a plain white cotton tee, invest in a few thermal t-shirts that will add a slim but warm layer that’s hidden away from view and won’t alter the look of your outfit. This also means you aren’t forced to crease your suit, or shirt, by throwing on a large overcoat or thick jacket.

On top of all of this, they cost a fraction of the price of outerwear clothing so are less likely to break the bank when you need new ones. GoOutdoors do a great selection for men of baselayer t-shirts, both long and short-sleeve, that can easily be concealed but keep the heat in.

2) Buy Footwear That Covers Skin

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It’s no secret that we love boots at The Male Stylist, they’re stylish, timeless, rugged and versatile plus they have the added benefit of working in even the worst winter weather. It’s important to make sure that you’re footwear covers your ankles during winter as a lot of cold water and air can go up your trouser legs. As a result you feel colder, your socks and shoes get wet and ultimately you’re left feeling a lot less happy with your footwear’s performance.

A smarter choice is to invest in some good quality leather boots that you can treat with shoe polish and leather creams to help make them resilient against frost and water. They also have the added benefit of covering your shins meaning less cold air and water reaches your skin and you can face the elements with confidence. We reviewed some of the top men’s boots collections of AW14 a few weeks back so make sure to check them out.

1) Be Smart About Layering


Most people know that layering your clothing is key to keeping warm in cold weather, however this can often be misconstrued as just throwing on as many jumpers, jackets and cardigans you can find. Although this is likely to keep you warm (be weary of overheating) it’s not likely to keep you looking sharp around town. A more effective way to implement this technique is to layer multiple thinner items of clothing and then use a jacket or coat to add a final thick, warm layer.

Look into investing in merino wool cardigans and jumpers, undershirts (as mentioned before), t-shirts and shirts and then work out different combinations of them to layer together. A few of our winter outfits have already shown how to do this for some select styles but experiment and find styles that suit your preferences.

That covers our round-up of the best men’s style tips for keeping warm in winter. As always, feel free to comment, like and share with your friends if you’ve enjoyed the article. Be sure to subscribe for future updates from The Male Stylist and keep an eye out for future competitions.

By Adam Walker