4 International Gentleman Style Icons

We’ve covered a variety of style icons over the past few months covering a variety of age groups, eras and style types. Today we discuss 4 top icons from around the globe whose sharp style choices and sharp fashion have made them some of the best dressed men in Hollywood.

John Cho (South Korea)

The Seoul-born star has had a variety of roles throughout his time in Hollywood from the comic antics of Harold Lee, in Harold & Kumar, to his more recent role of Hikaru Sulu in the new Star Trek films. His style is one area that has always remained consistently sharp though with the use of slim-fit tailoring and shirts complimenting his slender frame. For any gentleman looking for styles that work for a lean body-type, this is an icon worth following.

Javier Bardem (Spain)

Known for his menacingly good enemies in both “Skyfall” and “No Country For Old Men”, Bardem has always made an impression with his dark side. His fashion sense is equally memorable with classic combinations in both his smart and casual outfits. His style also utilizes subtle elements from his Spanish heritage giving a slight flair to each of his ensembles.

Rodrigo Santoro (Brazil)

The Brazilian actor who starred in Love Actually and played Xerxes in 300 (yep, we were surprised too) has made a name for himself acting alongside greats of the industry like Jim Carrey, Gerard Butler and Cameron Diaz. His sharp style reflects his charisma through fine tailoring and elegant knitwear. Rodrigo is definitely a style icon for any younger gentlemen looking for fashion inspiration.

Vincent Cassel (France)

The french actor who has starred in some of Hollywood’s most successful movies, including Black Swan and the Ocean’s franchise, has always been a well dressed gentleman. His immaculate French styling has given him beautifully understated looks that are both elegant and sharp, defining his charismatic personality to a tee. Suitable for a gentleman of any age, Vincent is a style icon who inspires subtle fashion that whispers rather than shouts.

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By Adam Walker