The Male Stylist Around The Internet (Part 2)

As the blog founder and editor, I spend most of my time editing and working on content that is hosted on this site. As readers of the blog you’ve probably read a fair few of these posts, however what you may not know is that I have also written articles and been interviewed on other sites. I wanted to post a few more of these on here to give you an opportunity to read them and see a few other talented members of the blogging community in action.

Blogger Showcase: Adam Walker of The Male Stylist – Mallzee

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Mallzee, a popular shopping app based in Edinburgh has been doing blogger showcases to show off different styles in both male and female fashion. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to the blog to discuss my own personal style and the inspiration behind the outfits on the blog.

Interview with The Male Stylist – Scriptoeris

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Top women’s magazine and promoter of female empowerment, Scriptoeris is a magazine based around fashion, careers, lifestyle, health and travel. Scarlett (the website’s founder) was kind enough to invite me for lunch and a chat to discuss the site, men’s fashion and what it takes to be a gentleman…

How to Give The Best Impression In A  Job Interview – BonPrix

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Online fashion retailer, Bon Prix, reached out to various recruitment experts and style bloggers to get advice on creating a good impression in a job interview. I was asked to create an outfit and offer advice on male grooming. You can see it here alongside some top interview advice from HR experts.

Men In Female Dominated Industries: An Investigation – GoThinkBig

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The team at GoThinkBig were keen to see how men perform working in industries where the majority of employees are female. They approached beauty experts, stylists and primary teachers, amongst others, and put together their opinions…

I’m looking forward to working more with this fantastic community of writers, stylists, designers and entrepreneurs in the near future. As always if you’ve enjoyed the article then feel free to share it with your friends and followers. You can also subscribe to future updates from the blog and got email notifications when new posts go live. Make sure to check out the blogs we’ve featured and subscribe for some great expertise and advice from some very talented individuals.

By Adam Walker