4 Ways To Tie A Tie Every Gentleman Should Know

The tie is one of the most iconic items associated with gentleman’s fashion, an accessory that can change an outfit from casual to sharp-dapper. It’s important that every man knows how to tie a tie and what knots work best for certain outfits and individual styles, there’s plenty of them out there both beautifully simple and intricately complex. We’ve put together 5 basic staples that should see you through almost any situation. Button up those collars and get ready for some stylish tie-tying.

The Half-Windsor

A go-to for any gentleman, the half-windsor is a simple but sharp knot that works well with almost any style of tie. A great look for the day-to-day office attire or a smart-casual night out with friends. Adaptable, smart and reliable this is certainly a knot you should know first and foremost.

The Windsor

A larger knot than the half-windsor and one that carries a little more prestige with it. The full-windsor knot is one that suits grand occasions like weddings or family parties. A little more intricate than the half-windsor, this knot requires more finesse in the way its formed but the outcome is both suave and stylish.

The Pratt

A less well-know knot, the Pratt was made popular in 1989 by U.S. anchorman Don Shelby and was briefly referred to as the “Shelby Knot”. A medium-sized and yet eccentric knot, the symmetrical nature of it means that it works especially well with slim-fit suits but is appropriate for almost any outfit it is incorporated into. Definitely one worth knowing if you’re keen to stand out in a crowd.

The Bow Tie

With Christmas approaching quickly and the season of parties getting into full-swing it’s almost a certainty that you’ll have to be in full dinner jacket attire at some point and with that requires how to tie a bow tie. Gentlemen, make sure to throw away those pre-folded/clip bow ties and instead take the time and effort to tie a proper gentleman’s bow tie. It will, at first, be frustrating but practice makes perfect and nothing looks more dapper than an untied bow tie at the end of a party. Watch the tutorial and make sure to practice until you get it right.

That covers our round-up of the best men’s tips for tying ties. As always, feel free to comment, like and share with your friends if you’ve enjoyed the article. Be sure to subscribe for future updates from The Male Stylist and keep an eye out for future competitions.

By Adam Walker