5 Rules To A Gentleman’s Bar Etiquette

A few weeks ago we did a post on ungentlemanly behaviours to avoid, which proved to be such a popular post we’ve decided to do a follow-up. Bars are generally a core element to people’s social lives, whether you’re out with work, on a date or just having a night out with friends you usually end up in one. However, bar etiquette is something that is key to ensuring an enjoyable experience for both you and the company you are with. So here are 5 rules to bar behaviour that a gentleman should observe.

1) Be Polite To Everyone (Especially Staff)

We’re not suggesting that you go out and try to be everyone’s friend, though if that’s what you want feel free, but we are suggesting that you treat those around you with the same amount of respect that you would want them to treat you with. Be polite to other people in the bar and DEFINITELY be polite to the people working there.

You may be in need of a drink but these people have, in all likelihood, spent the past 5 hours on their feet cleaning up after a hundred other customers just like you. Also, don’t forget, the staff handle you food and drink so irritating them is hardly going to result in good things for you.

2) Efficiency Is Everything

When ordering drinks at the bar, make sure to have a good idea of what you would like and order it in one go. This is not just for the benefit of the server but also for the other customers waiting around you. Ordering one drink and then another after the first has been served is only going to slow down the process and, eventually, annoy everyone else waiting behind you.

By no means are we saying you should bark out an order as quickly as possible, but if you are clear and deliver it all at once the server will most likely ask you to repeat anything that they missed. Be clear, concise and calm, you’ll soon make friends with those around you and the staff.

3) Buy Your Rounds

There are very few things more annoying than when someone buys a round for several friends and doesn’t have the same courtesy returned. If you’re going in on a round then stick to it and make sure to get yours in when the time comes. Understandably you may not want to stick around all night and, if that’s the case, then make sure to buy your round sooner rather than waiting until it becomes inconvenient.

If there is a particularly large group of you out, go for smaller rounds between 3 or 4 of you, it saves from massive costs and will ensure everyone pays their way pretty quickly. It’s a staple of bar etiquette and sticking to it will provide a rewarding night for everyone involved.

4) Be Courteous When Paying

Bills can be a very sensitive topic and, when it’s time to pay, can easily descend into a mess of calculators and arguments. Our general rule is to roughly split it, if you’ve all had similar things to drink and/or eat and round up to compensate for service. If you have had a more expensive order than everyone else, make sure to cover it yourself and have a rough idea of what you owe, it is not everyone else’s responsibility to pay for you.

On the other side of this, if you believe there has been an error in the way the bill has been calculated or have an issue with the service charge, then Rule 1 applies. Be polite. If there has been a mistake it is unlikely that it was deliberately to con you out of money and can be easily remedied. Service is usually automatically added so, again, be polite. The staff will usually be very understanding and resolve any confusion or issues you have quickly.

5) Know Your Limits

Obviously most people enjoy a big blowout every now and then, but the point is to know the point at which you go beyond “cheerfully tipsy” and stumble towards “embarassing inebriation”. You don’t want to be renowned as the person who always ends up being a mess at the end of the night or being a liability to your friends by starting fights.

Know when to say you’ve had enough and be sure to keep yourself hydrated, there’s no worse feeling than being hungover and then being reminded of your antics the previous night. Have fun, but make sure to keep it fun for everyone.

That covers our round-up of gentlemanly bar behaviours. As always, feel free to comment, like and share with your friends if you’ve enjoyed the article. Be sure to subscribe for future updates from The Male Stylist and keep an eye out for future competitions.

By Adam Walker