New Winter Essentials From The Male Stylist


The winter months are getting increasingly cold, the harsh winter winds, icy rain and constant changes from heated offices to the freezing outdoors is playing havoc with the daily grooming and fashion routines of men everywhere. However, over the past month or so there are a few new essentials that we’ve discovered that have helped us save our skin and our style. Whether they’re protecting us from the cold, helping us recover from a day in the harsh outdoors or simply keeping us warm and on-trend, these are new additions to our routine that we can’t live without.

Clinique for Men: Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel & Dark Spot Corrector


We were recommended both of these products by other bloggers who claimed they were absolute lifesavers in winter for protecting your skin from the elements and on-set of winter fatigue. The eye gel is not a new concept to us but this one really is great to use in the morning and evenings when your eyes feel tired. Rolled under and over the eye area it gently cools and refreshes the skin, leaving it feeling toned and more awake the next day. Over a period of 7 days we saw noticeable improvements in reduced puffiness around the eye area and eyes that felt much more awake.

The Dark Spot Corrector, however, was an entirely new concept and we were, at first, dismissive of this as a male concealer. After trying it, though, we found it is something entirely different. Applied after cleansing and moisturising, this gel-like liquid helps matte the skin and provides it with a more even all-over tone. Small scars and spots are gently blended into the rest of your skin and the effect looks incredibly natural, rather than looking like you’re wearing layers of concealer.

Both of these helped us feel more confident stepping out into the frosty mornings, whilst protecting our skin from the fatigue of the everyday cold.

Tom Ford: Intensifying Mud Mask for Men


A few of our friends have been regular users of this mask and, as a result, we were very excited when we finally had the opportunity to try it out. The mask itself is a very dark black mud that feel thick when first applied but after 4-5 minutes has dried into a light mask that gently nourishes and purifies the skin. Having only used it a few times, we can’t report on the long-term results, but what we will say is that after those few uses our skin feels much clearer, younger and refreshed after use.

It’s not like we needed another reason to love the Tom Ford brand but sure enough we’ve found one. This luxury for your skin, bottled and we think it’s a must for those quiet nights of recovery during winter.

T.M. Lewin: The Edison Coat

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For those of you who follow us on Twitter and Instagram you’ll know that this is one we’ve been raving about for a while now. We’ve often struggled in finding a good compromise between warm, thick winter coats and light jackets but it would appear T.M. Lewin have delivered the answer. This light but warm coat has an elegant, slim cut to its design meaning it works equally well when wrapped up with a scarf and gloves, or unbuttoned outside a bar under the heaters. The herringbone detail on the navy material gives the coat a subtle feel of quality and style that only those paying attention will pick up on, and because it’s made of 100% wool it can stand up to the bitter winter months ahead.

You can find our outfit article for this coat here and we strongly recommend you pop in-store to try one on. You won’t regret it.

So those are our some more of our winter style essentials, let us know what you think in the comment section below and if you’ve enjoyed the article then feel free to comment, like and/or share it with your friends/followers. There’ll be more winter style ideas coming soon from The Male Stylist so subscribe for more information and future updates.

By Adam Walker