The Gentleman’s Guide To The Office Christmas Party

It’s that time of year where champagne is stocked in the office fridge, bars and restaurants are geared up for huge parties of office workers and the vacation from the office 9-5 is in sight. However, office christmas parties can be as dangerous as they are fun and, if you’re not careful, you can wake up with more than just a bad hangover. So here is our gentleman;s guide to enjoying the office party whilst maintaining your dignity.

Don’t Drink to Excess

This is a rule that’s true for most parties, but is especially true for one with all your co-workers, superiors and your superiors’ superiors. This is not the time to be demonstrating how many shots you can’t hold down and losing your ability to hold conversations/keep your eyes open/walk.

Make sure to pace yourself, eat and keep hydrated. No one wants to be the first to leave by being dragged out of the venue and thrown into a cab. Not only are you embarassing yourself but your making a dangerously poor impression with the people who may potentially influence your future career.

Don’t Be A Creep

Just because there is alcohol and a party atmosphere does not give you an excuse to hit on your colleagues. It lacks class, style and, frankly, forward-thinking. Gaining a reputation in the office as an individual who can’t be trusted once you have a drink in your hand is an easy way to make enemies and stunt your career.

Be as respectful to your co-workers as you would be in any office situation. Remember, it’s a party  and everyone is there to have fun, not just you.

Keep Conversation Light

Although it’s a party, this is not the time to be confessing secrets to your manager or telling your co-workers about your secret crush. If you are already very close with your colleagues then feel free, but try and keep conversation light and fun. That way the party stays enjoyable and you don’t accidentally mention to your boss that you’ve never liked them as a person.

Make Sure You Have A Plan To Get Home

A good tip before an office party is to buddy up with a co-worker, someone you can arrive with and then share a cab home or look after each other as the party ends. It also means you can keep travel costs down and ensure you get home safely so make sure to have a good friend you can rely on for when the lights go up and the bar gets dry.

Have Fun!

Above all else, it’s a party so make sure to enjoy yourself and relax with the people you spend the majority of your week with. If it all goes well you’ll have some great stories to tell, a few fantastic experiences and maybe even get closer to your colleagues. Be safe and (moderately) sensible and you’ll have a great night that leaves you with just a sore head the next day.

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By Adam Walker