Christmas Gift Guide from The Male Stylist


With Christmas less than a week away and the shopping mania in full swing, we decided to put together a brief gift guide to help you buy for your male friends this holiday season. We’ve included links to reviews, style suppliers and top lists. These include some of our personal favourites and a few that come recommended by other blogger and experts.


Our Top 4 Winter Fragrances for Men


A look into four men’s fragrances that encompass the best of winter scents and suit a variety of events, outfits and personal styles.


5 Top Coats for AW14

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We discuss 5 coats that blew us away in AW14 and would make great gifts for a gentleman who’s looking to keep out of the cold but in the season’s trends.

Our Top 5 Boots Collections for AW14

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An indulgence of our love for boots, an article for any gentlemen who enjoy stylish footwear this festive season.


Designer Clothing

3 Great Knitwear Collections for AW14

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An article for helping you and your friends keep warm this winter season, it’s important to keep your knitwear in-style and you’ll be anything but cold.

Gentleman’s Outfits

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You can see some of our top winter outfits for the winter season, each with their own breakdown of the outfit and links to the relevant suppliers.


Take a look at our 3 top skincare ranges that we reviewed this year, as judged by their quality, fragrance, packaging, price and overall performance with each one suiting a different budget

Scaramouche & Fandango Range


Clinque Men’s Range


Mancave Range



Classically Chic Timepieces for Christmas

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“The Man About Time” walks us through three of the top watches for a gentleman this season for three different budgets and styles.


Our Top 6 Gentleman Grooming Salons in the UK


For a gentleman who’s looking to sharpen up after the Christmas binge, we suggest booking them an appointment at one of these barber salons. Or you can buy them vouchers so they can book a time when it’s convenient for them.

Well that covers our christmas gift guide for men. As always if you’ve enjoyed the article feel free to like, comment and/or share this with your friends and followers. If you feel we’ve missed someone out, make sure to comment below and we’ll see if they make it into our next article. Don’t forget to subscribe for more ideas from The Male Stylist in the future as well as competitions and product reviews.

We’re taking the week of Christmas period to rest our heads and hands but stay tuned as we’ll be back with some top tips for New Year’s Resolutions before New Year’s Day.

By Adam Walker