3 Grooming Details You Should Not Miss

For the most part, male grooming is about presenting an overall image to those around you. If fashion is the language of your look, then grooming is the punctuation that defines your personal styling. The bigger elements are something we often cover here on The Male Stylist, such as your hair and skincare routines. However, there are smaller details men often ignore that can hinder your own style choices. So here are 3 small grooming details that you should not avoid in your routines.

1) Eyebrows

Plucking and grooming your eyebrows is still something that has a fair amount of stigma surrounding it in the world of men’s grooming. However, it is something that is worth paying attention to as they are such a prominent feature on your face. The characterize facial expressions and are naturally emotive, so leaving them un-groomed and disheveled is doing yourself a disservice.

Before you grab your tweezers, it’s worth mentioning that a little eyebrow plucking goes a long way. There are a simple set of rules to grooming and shaping eyebrows and luckily there’s no shortage of advice available to men everywhere. Below are some top tutorial videos to help your in proper eyebrow plucking:

Men’s Skincare with Ross – How to Shape & Pluck Your Eyebrows

Robin James – Men’s Eyebrow Tutorial

2) Nose Hair

If we’re honest with ourselves, nose hair is a fairly disgusting concept and in no way attractive on men. Yet keeping it in check is tough and often requires patience and specialized grooming tools. Trimming this regularly is both aesthetically beneficial to you, and those around you, but it also does very little to inhibit the biological benefits associated with nose hair.

The actual volume of nasal hair required to catch pathogens in the air is minimal, therefore keeping it trimmed is not likely to impact your health.

We strongly recommend picking up a trimmer to help you with this grooming, two of our favourites are;

Phillips Nosetrimmer Series 3000



It’s simple, safe and incredibly easy to use. At £13.00 it’s a bargain and will last you years.

Babyliss 10-in-1 Titanium Grooming System



We like this as it’s not just a nose trimmer but can help with a variety of grooming areas and is beautifully made. Basically, more bang for your bucks (£30.00 to be precise).

3) Back/Neck Hair

In some ways the most tricky to deal with, purely because being double-jointed only affects 3% of the population so you’ll probably need help. It’s definitely worth grooming and keeping this trimmed as out of control body hair poking out of your shirt collar or gaps between buttons holes is not a great look.

You can have a look at the options available to you with Alpha M Image Consultants’ video below:

So those are some of our top tips concerning the details of men’s grooming. As usual if you’ve enjoyed the article then do feel free to like, comment and share this with your friends/followers. You can also sign-up to be notified of new posts and follow The Male Stylist activity. If you have any comments or tips that you’d like to add feel free to leave them in the comments below.

By Adam Walker