What A Gent’s Wearing: The Sharper Leather Look


Recently, we’ve been receiving requests for outfits that incorporate elements of tailoring with a light jacket. Understandably, longer coats may not be to everyone’s tastes so we’ve put together a simple outfit that uses a light, casual jacket whilst utilizing smarter items of clothing. The aim was to create a casual outdoor outfit that is great for any gentleman out and about whilst protecting you from the elements.

The main focus of the outfit was to use white, grey and black to give simple elegance to the look. The leather jacket incorporates a fitted cut to slim the waistline whilst trimming the torso and arms, this creates a clean-cut silhouette for the upper-half of the outfit. The slim-fit theme is continued with the use of black chinos and a titanium buckled belt and some smart Italian shoes to finish the look.

IMG_4578 IMG_4610 IMG_4606 IMG_4588IMG_4570

Jacket – Zara

Waistcoat – Moss Bros

Shirt – Vivienne Westwood

Belt – John Rocha

Trousers – River Island

Shoes – Next

The inspiration for this look comes from a mixture of James Dean, Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake, incorporating casual outerwear with dapper styles. We love it due to the masculinity of the look, the slim-cut design and its versatility for when it can be worn. You can turn this into a statement piece by utilizing a color waistcoat or shirt, or make it more casual by swapping the trousers and shoes for jeans and boots.

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By Adam Walker