5 Foods To Help With Your Fitness

With many people electing to make new year’s resolutions around improving fitness and losing weight, it is common to start new, and sometimes damaging, diets in pursuit of a slimmer physique. Rather than providing a diet that might not necessarily suit the individual needs or lifestyles of every gent, we’ve put together five foods that can help you with your personal health and fitness efforts. By including some of them in your weekly food plan, you can improve your long-term health in 2015.


Thanks to their high levels of protein, Vitamin E and fiber, almonds are an easy way to replace unhealthy snacks with one that contains many of your daily nutrition essentials. It can help improve the digestive system’s efficiency, the heart’s health and support healthier skin. Including them in salads, yoghurts or fruit desserts can be an easy way of introducing them into your everyday lifestyle.


Red meat tends to get a bad reputation in modern society, however it’s important to note that this is not true of all red meat. Lean beef is a fantastic way to get amino acids, iron and zinc into your system without the fat. It aids blood circulation, muscle building and red cell levels. If you elect to grill it you make it even healthier as you avoid the oils/unsaturated fats that can usually be found in the frying process.

Black Beans

Black beans are definitely recommended to those of you who enjoy long-distance or stamina-based exercises. Their complex form of carbohydrate means that your body takes a long time to convert it into energy giving, meaning you can go for longer. For those of you dieting the high levels of fiber means that it makes you feel fuller for longer, as a result you’ll snack less and ensure a healthy eating routine.


Thanks to the egg’s versatility in recipes it is easily incorporated into your diet and won’t get boring anytime soon. Due to their very high levels of amino acids they’re great for building muscle and they contain the vitamin Choline which is thought to improve memory in people of all ages. Scrambled or boiled they are a healthy option for anyone and will put you on the right track to sculpting your ideal physique.


One of the absolute essentials for anyone looking to improve their diet and fitness, broccoli is a source of iron, fiber, calcium and Vitamin C (especially useful during these flu-heavy months). Boiled or steamed it can be used in salads, pastas, vegetable bakes and almost any other type of savory recipe.

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By Adam Walker