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The British spy genre has seen a variety of iterations and styles throughout the history of film. Whether it’s the suave charm of the different Bond films, the quiet suspense of “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy” or the non-stop action from “Spooks”, each one has contributed something new to the subject. However, the British spy legacy has found itself with a new entrant that has burst onto the scene with a mixture of dark humour, brutal action and sharp styles. “Kingsman: The Secret Service” looks to reinvent British espionage with its own modern twists and contemporary feel that instantly makes it a classic and a film fit for the modern gentleman.

With seasoned stars like Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Michael Caine mentoring newcomers Taron Egerton and Sophie Cookson, the predominantly British cast ensure dialogue is delivered in a variety of dry and charismatic manners. Action is frantic and exciting whilst retaining a “stiff upper-lip” feel throughout (thanks to Colin Firth supposedly performing 80% of his own stunts). With fast parkour, eye-watering skydives and tense silences, this movie promises its audience a new experience in the well explored territories of British espionage.

Dialogue To Live By

One thing the film is definitely not short on is quotes concerning a gentleman and his behaviour. Firth, Strong and Caine all offer up their own quips and snippets of wisdom throughout the film, with each one proving its own worth to any gentleman willing to listen.

We’ll give you the chance to hear them all yourself, but here are a few of our favourites:

“The suit is the modern gentleman’s armour”

“True nobility is being superior to your former self.” (Originally Hemingway)

Saville Row Stylings

Much of the film takes place inside the Kingsman tailors, better known in reality as the Huntsman tailors located on Saville Row, giving it an authentic feel to the suited and sharp looks represented. The dark woods, quiet atmosphere and luxurious cloths all add to the feeling of quality, sophistication and seasoned expertise that is represented by the very best of British spies. The familiar white stonework and black-iron rails will be an instant giveaway of the Saville Row location to many who watch it and we couldn’t help but wander by the Huntsman store and see the 150 year old setting for many of the movie’s scenes.

Double-Breasted, Double-0 2015-02-06 01-36-05

One of the main wardrobe characteristics that separates Kingsman from other modern spy movies is the fact that almost all of the suits worn are double-breasted. What initially might be considered a dated look, instead produces a sharp and sophisticated feel to the outfits that combine both contemporary and classic elements in their designs. The variety of materials, patterns, cuts and outfits means that Kingsman is never short on showing off the sheer versatility of the double-breasted suit. Before seeing this movie, we were somewhat dismissive of it, but now we’re keen to get our hands on the perfect double-breasted suit.

download (8)

Fortunately, Mr Porter were ahead of us on this and have already put together an incredibly beautiful Kingsman Collection for you to peruse and purchase. We advise you give it a look, if only to gain inspiration and delve into the double-breasted designs on the market.

So that’s our spoiler-free review of “Kingsman: The Secret Service” as well as its styles and settings, we definitely recommend watching it simply for the experience and inspiration.  Let us know what you think in the comment section below and if you’ve enjoyed the article then feel free to comment, like and/or share it with your friends/followers. Make sure to subscribe for future posts and giveaways from The Male Stylist.

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