The Overtones: The Gentleman’s Muses Of Style

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Style inspiration for men is a tricky subject to grasp and easily digest. looking for contemporary elements that perfectly compliment the classic styles which mark a gentleman is never an easy task. However, The Overtones appear to have this style down pat and are working to bring classic styles and sounds into modern culture. The sharply dressed, doo-wop group look to meld the classic all-male vocal group look from the 50s, with modern tailoring styles to produce some of the most inspiring looks in music.

Mark, Lachie, Mike, Tim and Darren (from left to right above) all have their own signature styles incorporating different tailoring elements to represent their personal looks. Mark incorporates smaller details into his looks which offers a very crisp and clean feel to his outfits, while Lachie’s slight eccentricity and flair is often shown with the use of clever pocket square folds, cravats and bow ties to characterise his talents as the Bass singer.  Mike utilizes textures in his blazers and jackets to add beautiful contrast in his ensembles. Tim’s ability to experiment and incorporate colours into his tailoring adds contemporary style to classic outfits and Darren uses sharply styled details to create striking contrasts.


With covers of some true classics mixed in with some original songs, The Overtones’ style works fantastically well to compliment their trademark sound. Tailoring with twists and attention to detail that never fails to hit the mark, it’s a modern gentleman’s style to boot. If you’re looking to duplicate or borrow from these looks, we recommend looking into the collections from Zara and Topman for the more modern tailored outfits. Whilst your more traditional tailoring suppliers can provide the majority of the base elements.

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By Adam Walker