Menswear Tips for The Winter/Spring Transition

Over the past few weeks there has been a real feeling of spring in the air around the UK. The temperature is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and the cold, harsh winter is being melted away by the promise of a warmer Spring ahead. Transitions of season can be tricky for men to find outfits that are comfortable and stylish in the somewhat unpredictable weather that comes with the early Spring months. Today, we’ve put together a few tips on keeping your fashion in fitting with the changing seasons.

Find Versatility in Lighter Jackets


Winter coats are addictive during the winter months, they’re thick, warm and provide comfort even in the worst of weather. However, removing them from your daily routine is always tricky and not as easy as simply stopping one day, especially when the weather can go from balmy warmth to blowing wind in just a few hours. A good compromise is to invest in a lightweight jacket that offers some warmth when done up, but won’t leave you uncomfortable should the sun begin to shine. Here are a few of our favourites from H&M, Zara and John Lewis.

Use Knitwear To Your Advantage

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Lightweight knitwear is an absolute lifesaver during seasonal transitions; it’s warm, easy to wear and can be incorporated into outfits in a variety of creative ways. Jumpers, cardigans, pique tops and polo necks can all provide warmth and versatility without constricting your style or comfort. We’ve already discussed how it can be used in elements of tailoring, casualwear, office outfits and evening attire. Make sure to shop around and find the right designs for you.

Find Your Footwear

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Winter footwear can often feel heavy and uncomfortable as soon as the cold ends. Even though the cold may have gone though, this doesn’t mean that it’s ideal weather for espadrilles and suede shoes. However, investing in lightweight footwear with good durability still allows you to remain protected against cold weather whilst still keeping you cool when the heat sets in.

That covers our round-up of the best men’s seasonal style tips for the winter/spring transition. As always, feel free to comment, like and share with your friends if you’ve enjoyed the article. Be sure to subscribe for future updates from The Male Stylist and keep an eye out for future competitions.

By Adam Walker