5 Great Posts From My Favourite Bloggers

Over the past few weeks I’ve been gathering some of my favourite posts from bloggers who I follow and read regularly. Far too often great content is read and then never shared with others simply because people don’t remember to or they don’t necessarily have the time. Today, I wanted to discuss 5 of my favourite posts that I’ve seen in recent times and what makes them (and their authors) so great.

Style Girlfriend: Steal His Look – Schmidt from “New Girl”


It’s no secret that I love the Style GF website and the styles she uses in her posts. However, this post has become a strong favourite with me as I love Schmidt’s fashion sense and I have been told I have very similar behaviour patterns to Schmidt on multiple occasions (read: family, friends, work colleagues and anyone who has spent longer than 5 seconds in my company). It’s a great breakdown of what makes the character’s style so unique as well as a complete breakdown of the look for readers to shop. Simple and stylish, the Style Girlfriend to a tee.

ManFace: Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream


If you have any interest in male grooming and skincare, then you’ll have no doubt come across Thom Watson and his award-winning blog already. His inspirational fitness blog FITFACE is a fantastic journal of Thom’s experiences whilst he worked to achieve his health objectives discussing topics like body image, gaining/losing weight and the distractions that he faced. However, his truly great work is in his grooming and this beautifully simple review of the Aesop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream is a firm favourite here. It’s humorous, personal, accessible and ultimately educational to read, especially for those who suffer from dark circles around the eyes (which i do).

Style Division: Inspiration Collection 02 – Onto The Next One


There’s a lot to be said about Style Division as a blog, but the most persuasive arguments are found in his stunning photography skills. The website itself is beautifully designed and, when you arrive, you are immediately met with beautiful imagery on topics like fashion, style, food, travel and city life. Following the success of his looks books I was pleased to see he wasn’t stopping with just fashion. This “inspiration collection” shows off some of the truly beautiful sites Anton has seen recently including cars, the LCM show, favourite products and top areas of London. It’s a mini adventure and one that’s well worth checking out.

All Sweetness & Life: Men, It’s Time to Get The Razors Out


As a cleanly shaved male I’ve been somewhat critical of the rise of the hipster beard, mainly due to my inability to grow one. It seems, however, that Katy from All Sweetness & Life agrees with me. This mini critique of the fashionable facial hair made me chuckle and offered a different insight into what is seemingly an unending trend. Judging by the post’s comments, it would appear we’re not the only ones either.

Twenty First Century Gent: New Fashion Heights


The Twenty First Century Gent is the brainchild of Benjamin Heath, a blogger who is relatively new to the scene but already making a big impact with his style posts and fashion advice. This post, which shows off his outfit for London Fashion Week earlier in the month. It’s incredibly simple, subtly masculine and a true gentleman’s style through and through, frankly I think it’s a great look. The pattern used in the trouser tailoring makes this outfit and there’s no doubt that i’ll be looking to incorporate it in my future looks.

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Adam Walker - The Male Stylist