Some Changes Coming to The Male Stylist…

A few weeks back I asked you for your opinions on the blog, what you like about it, what you dislike about it and what needs some improvement. Thankfully, most of your feedback was positive which is greatly appreciated and makes running this blog a real treat for me and all of the contributors involved. However, there were elements that I knew needed some improvement and one or two that were highlighted by you guys. So here are a few changes that are being put into action both this week and in the coming months to help make The Male Stylist a better experience for both new and regular visitors.

Fewer Posts but Better Quality

Quality of photography and posts were something we always knew needed improvement as the site has got older, although the current post structure has worked well for building interest in the blog (with over 130 posts in just 10 months), the content needs to take on a better quality as the site matures. This means that more time and resources will be spent on each individual post.

Moving forward, posts will no longer come out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, instead I will be looking to publish 1-2 posts per week (preferably on Wednesday and Friday). This is also due to new personal and professional responsibilities that I have had to take on in the recent weeks. In short, posts will be coming out a little less regularly, but they’ll be of a higher quality.

New Theme & Hosting

In the coming months I will be researching ways for getting the website onto hosting rather than, where it currently is being hosted. The two main reasons for this are:

  1. It gives me greater flexibility to customize the functionality and appearance of the website.
  2. I will be able to get a fully tailored, individual theme for the website, making it a much more unique and enjoyable experience for you all.

This is a slightly long-winded process and may require one or two days of downtime as the website is being transferred, however seeing as this is still in the planning phase that’s not likely to be happening soon.

More Fashion & Blogger Collaboration Posts

One of the main areas you all seemed to love on the website were the fashion posts and the collaborations with other bloggers. Moving forward, these will become more prominent within the site’s regular posting schedule with a greater focus on better fashion photography and outfit articles.

There are already some very exciting projects in the pipeline at present and, with any luck, they should be making their way onto the blog soon.

Once again, thank you for all of your feedback, support, social interaction and generally just making The Male Stylist the success it has been already. If you have any questions, further feedback or general suggestions then feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe for updates on future posts and follow us on Twitter or Instagram.

Adam Walker - The Male Stylist