Review: The Wingman Collection


Anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I love Top Gun. I love it so much, in fact, that I’ve even dressed up as Maverick for a New Year’s Eve party and I am in no way ashamed of that statement. So when I heard about the Wingman bathroom range, I jumped at the opportunity to review it and get myself closer to being part of the top 1% of pilots. (OK, so it’s shower gel and facewash but that can’t stop me dreaming can it?) It’s also worth noting that they support and donate to Help for Heroes meaning that purchasing their products helps those who have been injured in service.

With products for cleansing the face, body and shaving, the claims made by the Wingman brand are big and bold. The question is, are they writing checks that their products can’t cash? Or are they able to keep you fresh even when you’re heading into the danger zone? (Yes, it’s going to be one of those posts). Having been gifted their range of products by Wingman themselves, I put them to the test.

Quality – 4/5


The quality of the collection is immediately apparent when you use any one of the range. The shower gels are thick and luxurious, forming a pleasant lather that leaves your skin feeling clean and clear. The facewash feels light and refreshing, making it a great inclusion to your everyday grooming routine, whilst the scrub is creamy and deeply cleanses the pores without feeling overly harsh. The moisturisers cool the skin and leave it feeling hydrated and springy.

The whole range is full of a variety of Vitamins as well as Aloe Vera and Ginseng meaning that the freshly clean feeling on your skin lasts for hours. My one concern was that they are quite colourful when squeezed out of the tube (the mint shower gel is a very dark blue, whilst the citrus is bright yellow) which sometimes gives the impression that they are not as naturally made as other ranges I’ve tested. However, the blurb on the website seems to indicate otherwise. Also, using the 3-in-1 shower gel to shave was not the best experience for me.

A piece of advice to the Wingman gents: make your product do one thing well and it doesn’t need to be a multi-tool for people to love it.

Fragrance – 5/5


I’ll be honest with you about this, the Wingman collection smells brilliant! Every single product’s scent is unique and yet each one compliments the others when combined in a routine. The jet fuel shower gel has a slightly woody scent that would suit any gentleman no matter the occasion, the citrus charge on the other hand is invigoratingly fresh with crisp basenotes of lemon meaning its a great fit for Summer. The mint boom is a standout performer though, I’ve used many mint shower gels but this one feels sporty and leaves the skin with a masculine, minty musk.

The facial area of the range (facewashes, scrubs and moisturisers) each have their own sporty scent, none are quite as pronounced as the shower gels but they’re certainly pleasant and would suit any man looking to escape the Summer hell of body odour.

Packaging – 4/5


This is always tricky for me. If you’ve read my previous reviews you know that I detest product packaging that patronises the male market. “Mach Fusion Pro” and “Manotox” are two that stick in my mind quite clearly. However, with this collection it’s a clever joke and one that I seem to appreciate. There are times when the “energising” moisturising gel seems a little silly but I’m a fan of the “Jet Fuel” shower gel name so I’ll let it slide.

The question is, would I be a little embarrassed if I mentioned the name of a product when recommending it to a friend? Not really. Do I cringe when I read the label? Nope. It was a gutsy move and looked like it paid off.

Pricing – 5/5


The collection starts at £2.99 and tops out at £5.99. Simply put, it’s a pretty great deal considering the fact you can get the whole collection for around £30. It’s fairly universally suitable and would be just as useful in your gym bag as it would in your shower at home so you’re getting a fair amount of bang for your buck.

If you want to try one or two products before investing in them all, I’d definitely recommend picking up the 3 shower gels as they’re only £2.99 and definitely a great way of getting to grips with the overall feel of the range. My personal favourite is the Jet Fuel.

Overall – 4/5


The Wingman Collection is something of a Maverick idea (OK, so it isn’t but I had to get that line in somewhere). However, it is a fantastic range that is both great quality and affordable to every man. It’s versatile, performs well and holds it’s own against some of the more experienced members of the community. Admirable traits in any pilot. To the good people who made this collection all I will say is: “You can be my wingman any time.”

Right, I’m off to find my flight suit and buzz the tower. Thanks for checking out the post and make sure to leave any questions in the comment section, I’m always keen to help. You can also sign-up to be notified of new posts and follow The Male Stylist activity. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or Instagram for style inspiration, gentleman’s musings and general fun.

Adam Walker - The Male Stylist