Review: FIT Skincare Moisturising Ultra Serum

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The FIT skincare range came to my attention recently after they reached out and requested a review.  The company claims to have produced a collection targeted specifically at men which “fuels skin cell regeneration and ensures a targeted delivery of nutrients to provide maximum benefit”. I was, and still am, skeptical of some of the claims made on the website with products like their Pec & Ab Sculpt promising a serum that “defines and sculpts muscles”. As someone who has been into their health and fitness for over a decade now, I’ve learnt that keeping in shape comes down to diet and exercise rather than miracle potions.

However, FIT sent me their moisturising ultra serum and I tested it across a 3-week period to get a fully-informed idea of how the product performs on a day-to-day basis and whether it meets the expectations set by the marketing copy. A summary of my thoughts and experiences, based on the usual criteria, can be found below:

Quality – 4/5

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Applying the product gives you an immediate feel for its quality, it’s thick but not greasy and is easily absorbed into the skin leaving your skin with a matte look and nourished feeling. It’s light and feels clean, playing to its strengths as a grooming item that would be applied after a post-gym shower. Over the course of 3 weeks, where I only used this as a moisturiser, I had no issues with dry skin or excess oil. The balance seems to have been struck nicely here and

Fragrance – 3/5

The product itself doesn’t really have any scent perhaps due to its use of only natural ingredients, yet there are other names on the market that are all-natural who have managed to produce ranges that do have a characteristic smell. I believe this is a missed opportunity for FIT skincare, who could have had a signature fragrance that their products all utilize to make their collection more memorable and recognisable. This is not just something men apply every day, this is an investment in an experience which appeals to the senses. Sadly, for me at least, this does not measure up to the standards set by competitors.

If I were to give a piece of advice to the people at FIT skincare it would be to think about fragrance and scent more seriously. It doesn’t have to be overpowering but it can be subtle and still help the range develop its own recognised character. Maybe something to keep in mind?

Packaging – 2.5/5

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In order to explain this score I need to break it down into the two main factors. Firstly, I like the product’s packaging, with its sleek design and minimalist attitude to branding it will fit into a washbag or be at home on a bathroom shelf. It’s modern without being patronising to men and (for the most part) avoids the silly buzzwords that often plague fitness-themed skincare.

However, the message being delivered by the FIT skincare brand is one that I fundamentally disagree with. The idea that a skincare product can actually “sculpt” muscles and “breakdown stored fat” is one that not only ignores scientific evidence but also common sense in general. Don’t get me wrong this is not exclusive to FIT Skincare, with Nip+Man producing a body fix kit for biceps, pecs and abs, there are other brands on the market claiming to have bottled the secret of a perfectly toned body. My point is that the idea that this product has anything more than a “skin-deep” impact on your body is morally questionable at best and plain false at worst.

Pricing – 3/5

With all of the performance in mind, I arrive at the bottom line where the buck firmly stops. The serum is a good moisturiser made from organic ingredients and providing a high level of care for your skin. However, at £50 for 30ml this is one of the more expensive products that I’ve reviewed and, ultimately, I don’t think it warrants the price tag.

If it was £25 to £30 I might be more sympathetic, but I have seen the standard of skincare products that the FIT skincare range is competing with (on price) and currently it doesn’t quite meet the necessary standards.

Overall – 2/5

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Overall, I don’t know how I feel about this product. It’s a good moisturiser that plays to its strengths and market in a way that could make it a great choice for men everywhere. My issues are with the brand and the way it is marketing itself to consumers as a personal instructor that can fit in your gym bag. This is a dangerous trend in the industry and one that I simply will not condone, as it comes very close to promising physical health without the sacrifice and hard work required.

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