3 Ways Positive Thinking Actually Impacts Your Life

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Positive thinking and optimism get something of a beating in modern society. It is considered by many to be a fool’s lifestyle that sees you bumbling through life, ignorant of the world’s troubles and lost in their own daydreams. Thanks to societal pressures and some of the more bland industries, we are taught to believe the only way to live your life is as a ruthless cynic or pessimist.

I grew up with people in my life who were cynics and pessimists and, believe me, there’s nothing beneficial or attractive about it as a lifestyle choice. They can take the joy out of almost any fun activity and often give initially negative reactions to suggestions. When I’ve discussed positive thinking with some of them, it’s often been dismissed as something of a pipedream for people who don’t understand how the world works. So to set the record straight, I’ve put together some mental, physical and professional benefits to optimistic thinking; as well as some of the main reasons pessimism is setting you back.

Positive Thinking Reduces Stress

Stress is something that impacts everyone in one way or another. Whether it’s professionally or personally, it can seep into the corners of our brain and mentally inhibit us. What is more disturbing is the physical symptoms that can be caused by suffering from long-term stress. According to Psych Central long-term levels of stress can result in heart issues, skin conditions, pain, diabetes and increase you body’s susceptibility to infection. So the key would seem to be to find an effective way to manage stress and, according to the Mayo Clinic’s research, this can best be done through a positive outlook.

The research itself shows that negative thinkers tend to filter out any positive situations and instead focus on the negatives, they blame themselves for bad situations and often anticipate the worst outcomes from decisions. As a result, they are less likely to take advantage of opportunities or try new experiences. A more healthy attitude is to instead focus on the positives and try to identify areas where you can change your negative results into positive actions.

Fed up of stress controlling your life and health? Break out of the easy cynicism and change your perspective on life.

Optimistic People Have More Successful Careers

According to a 2013 Forbes article you are more likely to be professionally successful and more enriched by your job. Not only are optimists more likely to take advantage of career opportunities and thus achieve their goals more quickly, they are also more fun to be around for colleagues. These people make attractive candidates to prospective employers and are considered valuable assets to their current employers.

Furthermore, CityAM recently posted a discussion on whether cynical people are more likely to make less money in the long run with the overall bottom line being “”overcoming cynical beliefs and building faith in humanity can help us enhance our financial well-being”. So if you’re looking for a promotion or just trying to become a little more financially stable, positive thinking is a much more effective workplace attitude.

Positive Thinking Improves Your Love Life

An article from Psychology Today, published in 2013, stated that the path to a healthier and longer-lasting relationship is positive thinking and positive approaches to relationship problems. For those with a large amount of experience in romantic relationships (note: I am not one of them), a relationship is as much about hard work and compromise as it is about enjoying your time with one another.

By ensuring that you approach tough issues with a positive mental attitude, you are more likely to reach a solutions that both parties are satisfied with. You are also more likely to appreciate your relationship and, in turn, feel appreciated by your partner. If you’re looking for a way to make your love life more enjoyable and fun, then it would appear optimism can offer a helping hand.

Overall, I’m not looking to force people into a way of life they’re not comfortable with. I’m not even looking to tell people that they are wrong to be pessimists. What I am saying is that people should be less dismissive of an optimistic outlook and, instead, give it a chance; not only to improve their lives but also help enrich the lives of those around them in the future.

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