Review: The Bluebeard’s Revenge Hair Styling Range

 For anyone who’s been reading the blog since its early days, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the Bluebeard’s Revenge products. Their award winning shave cream has been a permanent addition to my bathroom shelf and (thanks to their shavette razor) I’ve managed to learn how to do a cut-throat shave to a half-decent level. So when they announced that they were launching a new range of hair styling products I jumped at the chance to get hands on them.

The new collection is comprised of a matt clay, matt paste and classic pomade to cover a variety of hair lengths, types and styles. Over the last two weeks I’ve been testing them everyday to see how they perform and what they’re like to live with. With such high standards already set by their hugely successful shaving range, could this new range deliver the quality and experience that Bluebeard’s have become renowned for? I put together a summary of my experiences, following the usual criteria, below…

Quality – 5/5

 There’s no denying that Bluebeard’s understand hair and this statement remains true with their hair styling products. Each one is perfect for everyday use and ensures a firm hold without being hard or sticky to the touch. Once warmed between the palms it is easily and applied and can be worked into any desired shape or style without losing its hold or becoming an unmanageable mess. This is particularly true of the matt clay as I have often found clays to be too hard and try to work effectively into my hair. However, the bluebeard’s clay is softer and much more easily applied, making dry matt styling much less of a daily struggle.

The pomade delivers a nice sheen without looking greasy or artificial (symptomatic of many other pomades within this kind of price range) and the matt paste is a great all rounder for longer or shorter hairstyles. Personally, I found the matt paste to work well with my hair and preferred styles, but the clay came a close second. As usual, outstanding performance from a brand renowned for it.

Fragrance – 4/5

The range continues the themes laid down by its predecessors with a fragrance that is both classic but uses modern twists to evoke feelings of a modern gentleman’s barber. Although, in my opinion, not quite as fantastic as the scent used in the Bluebeard’s shaving cream, it’s still an absolute treat to use these in the morning.

I’ve said in many reviews that brands can let themselves down by not paying attention to their product’s fragrance, thankfully this doesn’t seem to be the case with Bluebeard’s who ensure their items are a treat for all the senses.

Packaging – 5/5

Oddly, the packaging was one of the few areas where I’ve always thought the shave cream could do better in. However, this seems to have been addresses with the hair styling collection with each pot utilizing a dark blue base colour in their design. The classic navy skull and crossbones adorn the label and metal screw on lid. It’s simple and avoids many of the, now common, cliche’s found in male grooming packaging. A brand, a product name and a simple design. Subtle yet powerful.

I always ask myself whether I would feel comfortable with a friend seeing the product on my bathroom shelf or whether I would be a little embarrassed.  I always feel like these items belong in a man’s bathroom and exude classic masculinity rather than shouting it at anyone who reads.

Pricing – 5/5

Each product comes in just under £10 for 100ml, pricing the entire range at under £30. Though they are not the cheapest on the market, they are one of the best performers for their price and the volume you get in each pot. I’ve never had a second thought about buying a Bluebeard’s product and this doesn’t look to change that trend. You can find them in a variety of pharmacies and shops but you’ll probably be more successful by going online and ordering direct.

If you’re not sure which one to go for, I advise investing in the matt paste as a starter. If you try and want something with a bit more matt-effect to it then go for the clay, if you want more shine then buy the pomade.

Overall – 5/5

The people at Bluebeard’s Revenge have always seemed to be on-point when creating and selling their products. They don’t want to be the trendiest or the loudest, they just want to create good grooming products that you can rely on. It’s rare to see and frankly refreshing when you consider the noise kicked up by brands like Gillette or V05.

To honour the Bluebeard’s way, I’ll keep it simple. The hair styling range provide a great experience with beautiful quality products from a brand I have come to rely on, all at a price that is more than fair.

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Adam Walker - The Male Stylist