What A Gent’s Wearing: Summer/Autumn Transitional Tailoring


As Summer draws to a close and the colder climate begins to take hold, it’s very easy for men to regress into bulky and unflattering clothing to make the Autumnal temperatures more bearable. However, comfort and warmth doesn’t necessitate the sacrifice of style. So I’ve put together an outfit that uses Autumn tailoring concepts yet maintains a lighter feel for the Summer/Autumn change.

The main theme of the outfit was incorporating blue, mostly navy, into the look as it is one of the most popular and versatile colours for the Autumn/Winter seasons. However, the use of lighter browns, grey and light blue helps bring classic Summer elements into the style. Finally, the addition of the paisley pocket square and tortoise-shell sunglasses add a dash of dapper character to the outfit.

Photo credit: Andrew J Summersgill, Location: St Pancras Station

IMG_1483 IMG_1491 IMG_1495IMG_1493IMG_1492
I really like this look and the different pieces it combines to create a style that has classic themes and with modern inspiration. Many of the items used were from T.M. Lewin’s AW15 range, a collection that has shown T.M. Lewin’s ability to incorporate contemporary elements into their designs. For any gent looking to update their wardrobe, I highly recommend checking it out.

You can read about how I created the look and the various designs that I drew from when I was building it here.

Blazer – Zara

Sunglasses – Bailey Nelson

Pocket Square – T.M. Lewin

Shirt – T.M. Lewin

Tie Clip – Moss Bros

Tie – T.M. Lewin

Cufflinks – Alice Made This

Belt – Lee 101

Chinos – T.M. Lewin

Socks – Wolsey

Brogues – Last Shoe

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