What A Gent’s Wearing: Suit Styling For Under £200


One of the most common requests I get is to create a tailored outfit that looks stylish but also works within a limited budget. Nowadays a half-decent suit can cost upwards of £300 and that doesn’t necessarily include extras like ties, belts and shoes which (depending on your tastes) can make the outfit considerably more expensive. So a few weeks back I decided to create a fully tailored outfit that looks contemporary and dapper, but won’t break the bank. The aim was to prove that style doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to be willing to shop around and maybe head into town yourself (to avoid the delivery charges of internet shopping).

There are two main brands that I would recommend using if you’re looking to create this kind of look on a budget. Firstly, New Look launched their Menswear Tailoring collection a few months back and have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from both customers and press. Their fits are slim but comfortable and the clothing doesn’t feel cheap despite having a budget price tag. They were also kind enough to set up the professional photo shoot to accommodate me so a huge thank you to them!

The second was Moss Bros, who I have always relied on for getting good quality accessories for a reasonable price. They offer a variety of styles, both lavish and subtle, with classic and contemporary designs, perfect for any gentleman building an outfit. Have a scout around their site and see what you can find, they also regularly have sales on and offer a wide variety of modern suit styles to keep you looking sharp.

Photo credit: Sarah Anne Choa


So how much does all of this come to and did I stick to my word? Well for full disclosure, here is a list of every item with its specific cost. The shoes were actually a sale find and I picked them up for £20 but that’s not exactly playing fair so I’ve used the current retail price.

Blazer – New Look (£59.99)

Pocket Square – Moss (£7)

Shirt – New Look (£12.99)

Tie – T.M. Lewin (£35)

Belt – Moss (£15)

Tie Clip – Moss (£15)

Trousers – New Look (£19.99)

Shoes – Voeut (£34.99)

Total: £199.96

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