Christmas Grooming Gift Guide For Him 2015

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As the festive day approaches, many of you will be looking for gifts for the men in your life. Whether they be partners, friends or family, it can often be difficult to find a great present that he will love. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite grooming products that would make great gifts or stocking fillers on Christmas day. 


Bluebeard’s Revenge Shave Cream – £9.99

This is a top notch shaving cream that’s won multiple awards, is a favourite amongst experts and consumers alike but is also very reasonably priced. Pick up a pot of this for your man and his skin will be soft, moisturised and smooth after every single shave

The Refinery Shaving Gel – £14.00

Perfect for the winter season this gel uses natural ingredients like cloves, pepper and cinnamon to create a wonderful winter fragrance that oozes masculinity and style. Worth every penny you spend.

Ted’s Grooming Post-Shave Balm – £9.00

The main ingredient for this balm is Eucalyptus which both refreshes your face and cools it after a shave. Thick and luxurious it’s a pleasure to apply every time.

Edwin Jagger Shave Brush – £22.00 – £28.00

Every gentleman needs a good shave brush to make his shaving experience a real pleasure. Edwin Jagger are an authority in the industry and provide brushes for people of varying levels of expertise. Pick one up and help your man combat his bristles in style.



Murdock’s Beard Moisturiser – £24.00

A thick, high quality moisturiser that not only helps keep skin firm and hydrated, but also coniditions beard hair. It takes a few minutes to work in completely but the results are outstanding, doing two jobs in one.

Five O’Clock Products’ Beard Oil Triple Pack – £14.99

A relatively unknown brand but one that is already turning heads, this collection of natural beard oils boasts a variety of ingredients and fragrances. Perfect for keeping the bearded man’s facial hair soft and nourished.



Kiehl’s Heavy Duty Facial Fuel – £38.00

During these periods of cold weather and dry air conditioning, it’s important to have a moisturiser that is both resilient and nourishing. Fortunately, Kiehl’s are way ahead of you with this fantastic, thick moisturiser that is an absolute essential for any man facing the winter elements.

Tom Ford Purifying Mud Mask – £50.95

An important part of skincare is recovery and this mud mask is a great way to help keep your skin clear and clean. It utilises a black mud that helps skin recover from a tough week in the cold.

Mazorin Eye Serum – £15.75

The party seasons naturally means that you can end up with tired eyes and combating this can be difficult. However, this eye serum is an absolute revelation, it cools the eye area and helps it look more awake after the long nights out.

Mancave’s Olive Stone Scrub – £3.75

I’m a big fan of Mancave and their Olive Stone face scrub is one of the best on the market. It smells incredibly natural with woody notes and leaves your skin clean and clear.



Murdock’s Black Tea Cologne – £70.00

One of my favourite fragrances in recent years, with notes of leather and oriental tea. It’s wonderfully classic with a contemporary gentleman’s twist.

Tom Daxon’s VSOP – £105.00

This is something of a high-class fragrance that uses wood notes combined with peppery undertones to give a classically vintage scent. Not to be sniffed at.

The White Company’s Noir EDT – £30.00

One that I enjoy wearing everyday and is one of my top unisex fragrances. Warm and seductive, it’s great when worn to the office or on a night out.

Creed’s Royal du Mayfair – £99

Creed are well renowned for producing luxury scents and this one is a testament to their heritage. Launched alongside the opening of their new Mayfair store, it’s a beautiful fragrance that beautifully captures the British character it’s named after.



Molton Brown Black Pepper Bodywash – £18.00

I rant and rave about this shower gel to everyone I meet, a beautiful combination of smoky woods and spicy pepper creates this incredible bodywash. It will leave your skin with a subtle, masculine fragrance that you will love.

Scaramouche & Fandango Sportswash – £9.00

For the gym-loving gent in your life, this is an incredibly versatile bodywash that will keep you fresh and clean after a workout. It’s got S&F’s iconic fragrance and is long lasting, perfect for an active man.

Wingman Shower Gel Collection – £2.99

A great collection of shower gels that are great value for money and a pleasure to use. With clever, Top Gun-inspired names and 3 fantastic fragrances, they are a welcome addition to any man’s shower room shelf.



AG Hair Control Shampoo

For the man who has a variety of scalp problems, this is a product that will help with them all. It’s use of natural ingredients and lack of tar means that it in great for sensitive scalps and actively prevents dandruff in the long run.

Bluebeard’s Revenge Hairstyling Range – £9.99

Bluebeard’s Revenge released their new hairstyling products this year and, for me, they’ve become an absolute essential in the bathroom cabinet. With a pomade, matte clay and paste you have a great variety to suit any man’s styling choices.


Experience Gifts

Ruffians Gift Certificates – £25.00

Ruffians have been one of my favourite barber shops in London and Edinburgh. For any man who takes pride in his haircut/beard, these guys provide a top quality service with a friendly atmosphere.

Ted’s Grooming Rooms – £22.50 – £75.00

These are the absolute definition of a modern Turkish barber. Traditional grooming services are provided in luxurious surroundings with immaculate attention to detail. This is a genuine treat for any man looking to experience luxury grooming.


Year-Round Gifts

ShaveKit – £6.95-£8.95

If you want to save a man a lot of money, ShaveKit is the way to do it. A subscription razor service that surpasses the likes of Gillette and Wilkinson in terms of quality and performance, at a considerably lower price. It takes all the stress out of buying razors and will save him money every month.

Babyliss 10-in-1 Grooming System – £30.00

This is a great multi-tool for any man, with a variety of trimmer clips as well as a precision trimmer, nasal hair trimmer and foil trimmer, it will keep even the hairiest man well groomed throughout the year.

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