Review: Omorovicza Soothing Shave


This week I take a step into luxury grooming with the Budapestian beauty brand, Omorovicza. Throughout my time working and blogging, I’ve come across this brand multiple times and often been keen to see if the size of their price tags is justified by the performance of their products. Recently, I was gifted their soothing shave products and have been putting them through their paces since Christmas. So, below are my thoughts on the items, following the usual criteria, and how they’ve kept up with my shaving routine.

Quality – 5/5


With a brand that prides itself on being one of the most luxurious cosmetic suppliers on the market, Omorovicza had to be good for quality and, sure enough, they are. The Refining Facial Polisher is a fantastic, super fine exfoliating mask that feels like a combination of rich dark mud and volcanic sand. Unlike other facial polishers I’ve used, this doesn’t feel like an overly aggressive scrub, instead it gently massages and polishes the skin leaving you with a clear and even finish. It does what a good polish should do, refine the skin to leave a perfect result.


The Soothing Shave balm is also a masterclass in luxury skincare, a thick cream that cools and soothes as it’s rubbed in. I tried it with both a straight razor shave and cartridge razor with it performing admirably to keep my skin calmed and soft. The definition of luxurious post-shave skincare.

Fragrance – 4/5


The brand plays to its strengths in terms of its chosen fragrances for these two products. The Soothing Shave cream uses cooling menthol and camphor to create a fresh and clean scent that refreshes the senses when applied. Much like the product itself, it’s calming and soothes the mind making it the perfect way to begin or end your day (depending on when you shave).

The polisher utilizes a different approach with very subtle notes of Mango and Banana, it’s not quite to my liking but the natural fragrance emphasises the quality of the product. When left on for the recommended 2 minutes it is a pleasurable experience that relaxes the mind, a fantastic way to end a hard day at the office.

Packaging – 5/5


The packaging is remarkably simple, incorporating white and silver as the main base elements of the design. It is incredibly simple and beautifully elegant because of that fact, as luxury items of this caliber often are. There is nothing overtly masculine about it, but what it does do is reflect the subtlety and refinement of the product. For those who know about skincare, it will be instantly recognisable as a tasteful choice of quality over flash. For those who don’t know, it will not childishly brag about how much money you spent. A true gentleman’s bathroom brand.

Pricing – 3.5/5


This is the slightly tricky part as both products together cost the best part of £90 (when you factor in P&P). In terms of quality you are getting some of the best performing products on the market from a brand with a wealth of spa and skincare experience. It is the final word in luxury care for your skin offering what many other brands strive to achieve but never do, namely a product that delivers a complete, rich experience in all aspects.

Having said that, the cost of each product is likely to price many out of the market. For those who are willing/able to invest though, this is a purchase that you will not regret soon. I would recommend picking up the Soothing Shave cream first as you get a great feel for what the brand is offering as well as a lot of product for your money.

Overall – 4.5/5

I generally finish these reviews by asking whether the product delivers on the brand’s promise and it would appear that these items have done just that. Omorovicza makes no bones about being a luxury brand that prides itself on simple, yet refined, excellence and both of these products deliver on that and then some. They are the 5 star Budapest spa, bottled and sat on your bathroom shelf, relaxing and renewing you with each application and leaving your skin flawless. Though it comes at a cost, it is worth noting the famous words of Osc

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