5 Plus-Size Male Fashion Bloggers Promoting Positive Body Image


A few months back I wrote a piece discussing the ever-growing issue of male body image and how it impacts the way men feel and dress in their day-to-day lives. Having received a great deal of feedback from many of you, it soon became apparent that one of the main complaints you have is that bloggers who talk about fashion for larger/broader body types are hard to find.

So, today I’ve put together 5 men’s style bloggers who are paving the way for bigger body types and destroying body image stereotypes with it. These gents prove that just because you aren’t a skinny fit kind of guy, doesn’t mean you have any excuse not to look sharp. So check out these fellows making a big impact with their big styles.



TheBigFashionGuy, aka Michael-Anthony, is the epitome of dapper done for the big and tall. His blog is a wonderful guide to wearing smart and casual outfits, accessorizing and styling out classic tailoring in a uniquely modern way. The site also contains style inspiration, advice on colour matching and insights into the construction of his own outfit. If you find yourself in need of inspiration when it comes to tailoring and sharp designs, check him out on his tumblr site. He also runs his own Periscope channel for those of you looking for a more interactive way to check out his looks.

Twitter: @BigFashionGuy

Notoriously Dapper


Having been featured in publications like Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed you know that Notoriously Dapper, founded and written by Kelvin, is an authority in style. Described as a “body positive men’s fashion blog”, it is a source for style that covers all body types and sizes with a variety of style guides and inspiration. A friendly and fun site with beautiful photography, it lives up to its name and then some.

Twitter: @notoriouslydapp

Instagram: @notoriouslydapper



You can’t go far in the world of big men’s fashion before coming across the Chubstr blog, a renowned blog/online shop/style source for men of all sizes. With a fantastic web design and plethora of content for visitors to peruse, it is a wealth of information in one fashionable forum. You can ask questions, shop looks, submit your own styles and follow the latest fashion news.

Twitter: @chubstr

Instagram: @chubstr



Founded by the extremely talented and funny Zach Eser (pictured above) this is a fantastic online resource filled with submissions and posts from plus size guys across the internet. You can find fashion tips, outfit ideas, grooming advice and generally fun conversation with users participating in chats and offering opinions on a variety of style topics.

It’s also a great community that focuses on promoting various body types and dismantling body image discrimination so, in my books, it’s a fashionable force for good. Great work chaps!

It’s Dom Clark


Although he’s one of the newer bloggers on this list, Dom Clark is already making an impact with his fantastic grooming and style blog. A fun and humorous site with in-depth articles and product reviews, as well as fantastic outfit shoots. Combining contemporary ideas with classic themes to create his own style, he is a tour de force when it comes to body image positive styling.

Twitter: @Dom_Clark

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