5 London Barbers For 5 Types of Men


Over the past few years men’s grooming has taken off as an industry in terms of product ranges and companies providing grooming services. London, one of the main hubs and drivers of this growth, hosts a plethora of grooming salons across the city to satisfy all needs and budgets. Choosing the right one for you can sometimes be overwhelming with the majority of options having fantastic customer reviews and competitive pricing, so how do you select one?

Today, I put together 5 of my favourite London barbers from around for 5 different types of men, based on their services, decor, styles and product offerings.

Ruffians – The Metropolitan Man


The Man: You’re the kind of man who knows everything about his city; where the good pubs are, how to avoid the worst of the traffic and where the latest events are taking place. You enjoy a dash of understated luxury with your service and prefer to avoid flashy fashion,  favouring subtle styling.

The Barbershop: A warm and friendly atmosphere greets you when you open the door, with aged wood and leather being the main decoration themes around the shop. Customers are offered a choice of local beers, coffee and even whisky while they receive their treatment from a collection of expert barbers with a wealth of experience in men’s grooming. Their product range is one I can personally vouch for, utilizing all-natural ingredients and fantastically masculine fragrances whilst being relatively affordable compared to many other grooming product suppliers of a similar caliber.

This is a refined experience that places an emphasis on attention to detail and efficient service, a gem worth finding in the heart of the capital.

Prices : £15-£45

Where they are based: Covent Garden, Marylebone (and Edinburgh)

BarberBarber – The Edgy Eastender


The Man: You’re on the forefront of all the latest trends, your style aims to break the rules and you love trying new experiences. East London is where you feel at home, enjoying up-and-coming musicians and finding new treasures around the city. Your style is a cocktail of modern and retro elements that brings vintage designs into the 21st century, usually with a fashionable flourish.

The Barbershop: Much like the man, BarberBarber is stylish combination of new and old with an eccentric twist. The Spitalfields shop has its own speakeasy bar under the salon whilst the main decor is a mixture of vintage barbershop equipment and neon. The atmosphere is lively with Johnny Cash on the sound system and quick-witted banter being thrown around by all of the barbers, in particular Johnny the fast-talking and fun Head Barber of BarberBarber.

Prices: £24-£65

Where they are based: Spitalfields (plus Liverpool, Manchester & Leeds)

Ted’s Grooming Rooms – The Fashionable Fellow


The Man: You’re a man who enjoys luxury and tradition in almost every aspect of his life. Your style is clean and sharp with classic themes and rich elegance being the main focus of the way you dress yourself. You are willing to pay top dollar for service, but you expect the quality to reflect the price tag.

The Barbershop: This is the traditional Turkish barber experience brought to London, offering the complete grooming experience to gentlemen around London with an added dash of luxury. The grooming rooms are available by appointment-only and offer an exclusive barber service complete with a personal bartender. The rooms themselves are bathed in a soft glow and Turkish barbers, with a wealth of traditional expertise, work meticulously whilst making quiet yet friendly conversation. Services come with massages, facial treatments and Turkish singeing to remove ear hair.

Prices: £12.50-£48.50

Where they are based: Cheapside, Covent Garden, Soho, Holborn, Fitzrovia, Marylebone & Mayfair

Murdock – The Dapper Dandy


The Man: Attention to detail is the key to your personality. Everything has its place and your style is as much about the smaller notes as it is about the main pieces. You place a great deal of emphasis on grooming that is tailored specifically to the individual and covers all aspects of a well-styled gentleman.

The Barbershop: The Murdock barbershops are an homage to top-quality grooming, offering a wide variety of shaving products, men’s fragrances and skincare for their customers. The decor is a mixture of rich woods and subtle florals punctuated by polished steel and mirrors. Murdock is all about the full service and, with some of the most expensive prices on this list, they offer everything a gentleman could ever need. Shampooing, haircuts, wet shaves, beard trimming, facial treatments, manicures and even shoes shining are on offer; meaning a man can walk in a disheveled mess and leave a truly refined chap.

Prices: £25-£120

Where they are based: Covent Garden, Spitalfields, Soho, Sloane Square

Geo F Trumper – The Classic Chap


The Man: You are an icon of classic styles and fashion inspired by the typical gentleman that has lasted through the ages. Your styling is timeless regardless of your age, building on smart, sharp clothing that never goes out of style. A modern ambassador from the golden age of men’s fashion.

The Barbershop: This is a quiet, secluded salon where mobile phone use is prohibited and the barbers provide top-quality service in silence. Classic ingredients like sandalwood, lavender and roses are used in every product giving the air a luxurious yet natural fragrance. Dark mahogany, white ceramic and red leather decorate the shop giving an old-fashioned feel. This is a glimpse into the history of grooming and a fine example of the timelessness of men’s style in the hands of true experts.

Prices: £38+ (depending on requirements)

Where they are based: Mayfair, Jermyn St

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Adam Walker - The Male Stylist