The Bachelor’s Box Review & Subscription Box Debate


The monthly subscription box for men has become, over the last few years, an increasingly popular trend with boxes for men’s grooming, fashion and health. The idea of a monthly delivery of different products has something that has seen a great deal of success in the women’s market but has had somewhat muted success when being transferred to men’s products.

I was recently gifted a box from the gentlemen at Bachelor’s Box and was keen to see what they offer and how it stood up in terms of value for money. I’ve been keen to find a box that works for me as I think, when done correctly, they can be a great way to build your inventory of accessories and creating new looks. The question is: does the Bachelor’s Box provide this?

The Key Figures – Value & Volume


As a starting point, let’s cover off the basic facts and figures of Bachelor’s Box offering:

  • Price – €35 (includes shipping)
  • Subscription – Monthly
  • No. of items per box – 4 or 5 (varies month-to-month)
  • Item Types – Pocket squares, ties, socks and lapel pins

To start with it’s worth saying that this is not a unique offering, though it is the first I’ve seen within the EU. There are similar boxes on offer to people in the US that I’ve reviewed previously, however this does offer more in terms of the number of items you get per box and the price reflects that. At what is effectively £28, you are paying £5-7 per accessory and, considering the quality of the items, this is a pretty good deal.

The subscription platform itself is easy to use with secure payments, regular notifications and quick delivery so it is fairly autonomous after you first sign up. The packaging itself is fairly basic but this ensures that value is being passed on to the consumer, having said that it is nicely presented and items are packed carefully to ensure they don’t look like a mess when they arrive. It may sound small, but the attention to detail here really adds to the service being offered.

The Products – Quantity If Not Always Quality


I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of the green. I like bold, statement colours but the green (particularly on the tie) is a tad too bright neon for my liking. Having said that, the socks and lapel pin are much more to my liking and use an almost “British Racing” green that I think is both versatile and elegant. The socks are a great way of adding color to a tailored outfit and the white pocket square will work with almost any color of suit so, as a way of sharpening up your tailoring, its a useful monthly kit.


I do, however, have some issues with the tie. Namely, that it’s a 100% polyester tie and that is fairly obvious from the way it looks and feels. Don’t get me wrong, I love a woven tie and they can add a great deal of unique style and character to a variety of outfits with minimal effort. However, they do have to be made of silk as they otherwise tend to look plastic-y and cheap.


I think this highlights the biggest strength and weakness of the Bachelor’s Box in that the quantity of products means that they aren’t all necessarily of a high quality. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you are looking to simply diversify your wardrobe and start creating a collection of accessories, in fact it’s  a remarkably easy way of doing this. However, this may not be what you are looking for if you are in search of new products that are of the highest quality.

Overall Impressions – Suited Solutions for Starters

The Bachelor’s Box is a fine example of a service that can help bring variety into your wardrobe and allow you to experiment with different designs. Its a well-rounded, good value-for-money subscription box that offers an array of tailoring styles and accessories to those looking to build on the basics. It’s fast, aesthetically pleasing and, for the most part, of a decent quality making on-trend tailoring more easily achieved. Definitely a worthwhile investment for the suit novices.

Thanks for checking out the post and make sure to let me know if you have any questions about the subscription service of the box I received. You can also sign-up to be notified of new posts and follow The Male Stylist activity. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or Instagram for style inspiration, gentleman’s musings and general fun.

Adam Walker - The Male Stylist