Review: Anthony Logistics The Essential Traveler Kit


Hans Christian Anderson once said “to travel is to live.” Indeed, to develop your mind and your understanding of the world, travelling is an almost essential part of a person’s life. Though I’m not exactly an intrepid explorer of the world, I have had the good fortune to visit a variety of countries around the world and these journeys have presented me with an interesting problem. Namely, with all of the restrictions for carrying liquids onto aircraft and the finite amount of space available when packing, how can you travel with quality grooming goods and not have to resort to the cheap miniatures available in the airport itself?

Anthony Logistics would appear to provide a solution with their Essential Traveler Kit, a compact collection of some of their top grooming and skincare products (all 100ml or less) to help making travelling that much more easy on your skin. The question is, is it a jet-set offering or a jet lag offering? I was gifted a kit By Anthony Logistics and decided to put it to the test. You can find a review, according to the usual criteria, below:

Quality – 3.5/5


The two standout performers here are the Invigorating Hair & Body wash and the Glycolic Facial Cleanser. The body wash is an incredibly refreshing experience to use that cleanses the skin and hair with a light tingle. Even in a hot shower my skin felt cooled and clean without feeling harsh, in a warmer climate I can imagine it would be a fantastic way to cool down after a hot day in the sun. The facial cleanser is also a top class performer that leaves my face feeling clear and washes away excess oils and impurities. As a way of washing away a long journey, it’s a fantastic way to start.

However, the kit is let down, somewhat, by the shaving cream. This is a rather unimpressive cream that doesn’t really lather and fails to hold its consistency when applied to slightly damp skin, making shaving something of a chore rather than enjoyable grooming experience.

Fragrance – 3/5


This is another category where a few products are making the majority of the contribution to the overall performance of the kit. The body wash is a wonderful combination of Eucalyptus and Balsam that create a fresh and invigorating scent that lasts for hours. The lip balm is another top performer with notes of Mint and White Tea it is cooling when applied to damaged lips but doesn’t feel overly thick or tacky to the touch.

The glycolic facial cleanser, despite being a great quality product in terms of performance, lacks any real fragrance which I found detracted from the experience when I was using it. I’ve found this to be the case with similar types of face washes so this may be a characteristic of this particular product, however I think it would definitely elevate the overall feeling of the product when it is being used.

Packaging – 5/5


I think packaging should reflect the character of a product and this is a prime example of a brand knowing who will be consuming their items. The design is a simple combination of greys, white and black in a style that reminds of the equipment used by mountain climbers or long-distance backpackers. Though this may not necessarily be the reason you’re travelling, it still looks like it would travel well. This is reinforced by the strong plastic bottles and tubes which would be able to withstand being squashed inside a well-packed suitcase or carryall.

Pricing – 4/5

At around £45 (including P&P) this is a fairly well priced set of products, especially considering the kit will likely get you through a 2-week journey in most climates whether they be hot or cold. I would say that I feel if the quality had been slightly better with the shave cream I would have thought this was a great value product, but that is only a minor qualm with an otherwise pretty spot-on price point.

For those looking to make a smaller initial investment, I would recommend trying the body wash. At £28 for the full size 355ml you’ll get a good idea of what the brand does well and their approach to skincare/grooming as a whole.

Overall – 3.5/5

I should start by saying that, for a travelling man, this is a fantastic little kit that will have you covered for most situations and won’t break the bank before your inevitably pricey adventures. It’s  cleansing, refreshing and takes good care of the skin for the wither heat and will ensure your lips and face won’t be dried out if the mercury levels drop. With a few tweaks to some of the bigger products this could be a great choice as an all-round grooming solution, but for now it’ll do nicely as a travel companion.

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