3 New Men’s Style Brand Discoveries


Like anyone, I can easily fall into a routine when it comes to brands and suppliers that I buy from. It’s easy, comfortable and means you always have a rough idea of what you’re getting for the money you spend, which is no bad thing when the market is always changing. However, it’s a good idea to step outside of your comfort zone every now-and-then to help diversify your style and discover new hidden gems. I wanted to highlight 3 that have caught my eye recently and should be shared with you. If nothing else, it may help you discover a whole new area of your personal style that you had been ignoring previously.

Jack The Clipper


A recent discovery that was necessitated by my need for a barber near my office and these gentlemen came highly recommended to me by my colleagues as well as a slew of positive reviews. At £26 for a haircut it was also one of the cheaper offerings available in the area, so I was keen to see if the service was still top notch even at a lower price point. Established a little over 10 years ago, they now have 3 shops around London in Mayfair, Spitalfields and Brick Lane. It’s also worth noting that I love the name (big fan of puns) so was almost immediately won over.

The Brick Lane shop, where I went, was a combination of glass and bare brick walls punctuated with red leather. Compared to similar shops around the capital, it would be considered small but the staff are all the more accommodating for it and keen to offer their services. I got the full works routine which involved: a wash, cut and style, mud mask, shoulder massage and hair detailing running to £56. Despite being a large list of treatments, it was efficient service that took into account my personal tastes and how I wanted my hair to be cut. The detailing (using a shavette to cut my side parting in for added definition) was entirely new and, although I was initially a tad anxious about it, it was a great addition that really sharpened the overall style.

It’s also worth noting that I invested in their matt paste, which is a fantastic hair product that is easily manipulated and washed out at the end of the day. If you’re looking for a great barber at a fair price, I would definitely book yourself in here.

The Hand Dyed Shoe Co.


I’ve seen companies offer tattooed shoes, painted boots but never hand dyed shoes and, to be honest, it had never crossed my mind as an idea until I came across this brand online. Almost completely new to the industry and brainchild of the talented Simon Bourne, the brand focuses on creating beautiful leather footwear using a variety of naturally-sourced and eco-friendly dyes. The attention to detail and passion for his craft is obvious as soon as you land on the site and I am already saving up to invest in a pair of the “Mr Bovine” boots below.


A true master of men’s footwear, I wish him the best of luck and all the success he deserves. Go check him out and watch the beautifully filmed videos on his website.

MenRock Grooming


This was something of an accidental find for me as I received a pot of their sandalwood shave cream as a gift from some friends. For anyone who reads the blog, you know how picky I can be about my shaving creams and I am often left feeling a little underwhelmed by the offerings from most brands. Having said that, I am happy to try new things so recently decided to try this out.

I am happy to say that this was no let down, but instead a luxurious experience of subtle fragrances, thick lathers and a fantastic quality shave. The sandalwood is the key component here giving the cream a slightly light coffee colour with a fine texture that is easily applied to a shave brush. Once lathered the sandalwood notes hit you and you are transported to an old British barber shop as you apply to your face. It moisturises and protects skin, whilst leaving a beautiful masculine scent after the shave. You can find them in John Lewis, Amazon and Harrods so make sure to give them a look and check out their straight razor starter pack for £39.

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Adam Walker - The Male Stylist