Review : The Murdock Facial Care Regime


A good skincare regime is about using good quality products, a mixture of exfoliation and cleaning as well as keeping your skin hydrated. No matter your skin-type, finding a regime with this basic structure is vital to ensure your skin stays healthy and as clear as possible so finding the right products (usually the first step) is an important factor. Murdock, a brand familiar to any fan of The Male Stylist, has thrown their contribution into the fray with their Face Regime pack which possesses “the ability to transform the average man into a nurtured, refreshed and revitalised gent.”

Curious about whether the products could stand up to these lofty claims, I was gifted a set by Murdock and put it to the test over the past 3 weeks whilst facing a variety of weather including, bitterly cold winds, rain, frost and balmy spring climates. Today, I’ve put together a review of how its performed based on my usual criteria of Quality, Fragrance, Packaging, Pricing and overall impressions. So, is Murdock an essential for a gentleman who is passionate about his grooming? Or is it another mediocre offering to add to the pile?

Quality – 5/5


Murdock are immediately drawing from their wealth of experience, when it comes to how well their products perform. As shaving masters, they understand the need for fine quality as well as a delicate touch and it shows in each of the three products. Starting with the face wash, this is an incredibly light product that easily lathers into the hands and feels incredibly refreshing when applied to the skin (especially during a hot shower), it gently cleanses and leaves the face feeling clear and cool. The moisturiser is also a great product and I am no way surprised considering the fact that their beard moisturiser is a firm favourite of mine already. It’s thick but not heavy and is easily absorbed into the skin without requiring excessive massaging or wiping, though I found a single pump to be a tad too much (a personal preference on my part).


The standout item here, however, is the exfoliating facial scrub. A light, creamy, almost mousse-like consistency that lathers luxuriously and gently exfoliates the skin when applied. The beads are effective without being overly harsh and it is one of the few scrubs out there that is an absolute joy to use every time. Without a doubt, the quality of these items is what you would expect from a grooming salon that has devoted the last decade to men’s luxury grooming.

Fragrance – 5/5


Again, not surprising considering the Murdock heritage but this is a beautiful collection of scents with masculine themes and natural ingredients used throughout. The face wash utilizes a combination of Peppermint and Aloe Vera to create an incredibly light and refreshing scent, while the scrub uses similar notes of Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil to provide a smell closer to that of fresh water. The moisturiser is largely without fragrance, focusing on providing a variety of minerals to help enrich the skin and hydrate it effectively, which works well when your face is left with such beautiful fragrances. It can sometimes be the folly of brands to create a great smelling product and then mask it with another fragrance from their moisturisers etc.

Packaging – 5/5


As a style blogger, I make a big deal over packaging and I often think that not enough focus is given to making a product look beautiful as well as perform well. The photos I’ve put up really don’t do justice to how elegant these products look yet how sturdy they feel, the quality is instantaneously visible. The minimalist designs Murdock use are always recognisable and make any bathroom look much more chic. It’s an example of “less being so much more” and there are many brands out there that could learn a lesson from the basic beauty.

Pricing – 4/5


At £45 this is a collection that prices itself based on quality and is, by no means, a cheap purchase. Nevertheless every penny you pay will go a long way with the quality you receive. This is a luxurious grooming experience that contributes nothing short of the best ingredients and products to your grooming routine, so in my books its something of a bargain.

Overall – 4.5/5

This is a continuation of Murdock’s promise to deliver outstanding grooming to the men of the world with this regime. It is a skincare essentials kit that delivers top-level quality, deluxe spa sensory experiences and all beautifully presented in subtle yet stylish packaging.

An expensive selection? Maybe.

An essential for the refined gentleman’s bathroom? Definitely.

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Adam Walker - The Male Stylist