Johnny’s Chop Shop & Grooming Review

enlight1-50Every now and then I pick up the bravery to try a different hairstyle, though usually this ends up being a slight refinement/change from my usual cut. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to have said new haircut at the recently opened branch of Johnny’s Chop Shop in Marshall St where there has been a great deal of buzz about their innovative and edgier style of doing things. Alongside the new digs, they also have released a new product range aimed at spreading their love of grooming to the homes and bathrooms of their customers.

Today I review their salon experience and some of their new product range, which they so kindly sent to me, to assess whether they make the cut alongside other great barbers of London.

The Salon

Though rough around the edges, the salon is a great reflection of the brand choosing a mixture of American rock culture and edgy London styles to create a look that is young and fresh. Neon lights the room and friendly chat can be heard around the shop as scissors snip and hairdryers blow.

It’s worth noting that the people of Johnny’s Chop Shop have clearly done their homework when hiring their staff. Heading up the new salon is rising star Dani Lewis, better known as “Toastie Styles”, a female barber not only making waves in the industry for her immaculate detailing and new takes on classic styles. I highly recommend you follow her on her instagram below, if only for the style inspiration.

Dani is a fantastically talented barber who is incredibly passionate about her work, willing to experiment with new techniques and keen to bring her own flavour to every style she cuts. If nothing else, she is hilarious to chat with and has plenty of stories about her success so far in the industry. She is not only breaking the established mould, she is also evolving it to inspire new young barbers (both female and male) to get into the industry. By the end she had cut and coiffed my hair into an incredibly sharp style that incorporated classic elements.

The finished result:

The Grooming Range


The range is very much inspired by the theme of the barbershop, a mixture of classic elements combined with new ideas to create a modern product that harks back to early barbershops. Two particular favourites of mine are the shave cream and the grooming cream, both of which are fantastic products to use on a daily basis and have now made their way into my travel kit.

The shave cream is a wonderfully simple product that utilises menthol to create the fragrance often associated with classic barbershops. Luxuriously thick, it is easily applied and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh after you shave.


The grooming cream is more of a prep treatment before you start drying your hair. It helps define and add texture to hair whilst allowing you to add style during the drying phase. Remarkably easy to use and beautifully simple.



It’s rare to find a business in this industry that is so determined to add such fresh, young attitude to an already established formula. Thanks to attention to detail, a fresh approach to style and passionate staff, Johnny’s Chop Shop are already making a big impression on the grooming industry.

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Adam Walker - The Male Stylist