5 Steps To Reduce Sweating in Summer

Men's Style & Health: 5 Steps To Reduce Sweating

There is a lot to love about summer. Longer days, beautiful weather and warm nights in beer gardens are just some of my favourite thing about the warmer seasons. However, one consequence I absolutely loathe is how uncomfortable I feel thanks to sweating in the heat, which often leads to ruined clothing and, consequently, feeling less confident in my outfit. It’s important to note that sweating is a natural part of your body’s ability to regulate its temperature, however there are ways to help reduce it and keep you feeling a little more comfortable when the temperatures rise.

1. Talc in Your Shoes

A great summer style choice is to wear shoes without socks to add a Mediterranean feel to your outfit. The downside is that, because your feet sweat, this can cause problems with damage to the insole of the shoe as well as potential issues with odour. To help avoid/reduce this, simply use talc on your feet to absorb the sweat rather than allowing it to soak into the shoe itself.

Here’s a quick run-down on the best way to apply this for long-lasting effects:

  1. Make sure you have clean, dry feet (toweled down after your morning shower)
  2. Apply a generous amount of talcum powder
  3. Rub in to the feet taking care to cover the underside of the foot and between the toes

2. …Or Wear “Invisible” Socks

If you don’t fancy applying talc but still want to have that sock-less look, invest in a couple of pairs of invisible socks. Much like ankle socks (but lower down the foot) these create the illusion that you aren’t wearing socks but still prevent sweat absorption into your shoes. These can often be bought in multi-packs for less than £10 so are great value and will last you all summer.

Men's Style: Invisibile Socks

Men's Style: Invisible Socks & Shoes

3. Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine naturally stimulates your nervous system, which in turn activates your sweat glands. Although most people will avoid hot coffee during these warmer months, energy drinks and iced coffee will have the exact same effect, so it’s best to simply reduce your caffeine consumption whilst you’re out in the sun.

If you’re still having trouble waking up in the mornings and require a morning boost I’d suggest you use drinks that contain citrus or adding yoghurt to your morning meal. Both help give you energy in the morning but actively cool you down, unlike caffeine.

4. Avoid Clothing with Artificial Materials

Breathable clothing is an absolute must when the temperature is rising as artificial fibers tend to be more suffocating to skin, effectively keeping heat between the clothing and the skin, thus increasing the need for your body to sweat. If in doubt, always look for clothing made of 100% cotton or linen as this will ensure your skin breathes more comfortably therefore keeping you cooler.

If in doubt, avoid clothing that contains the following materials:

  • Polyester
  • Rayon
  • Denim
  • Spandex Blends

Instead look for:

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Chambray
  • Fabrics with “moisture wicking” capabilities

5. Invest in a Prescription Strength Antiperspirant

If all else fails and you are struggling with excessive perspiration then you can find help with extra strength/prescription strength antiperspirants. On particularly warm day or days when I am keen not to get sweat on my clothing, I use a particular antiperspirant (called Perspirex) the night before which completely eradicates sweating. I absolutely swear by this stuff and, though it is strong, it’s one of the few antiperspirants that’s delivers on its promises rather than simply being a stronger deodorant.

Applied to clean, dry underarms before you go to sleep it effectively stops underarm perspiration for between 3-5 days (depending on which variant of Perspirex you buy).

CAUTION: This is a very strong antiperspirant so when applying, do so carefully and use as little as possible. Excessive amounts can cause irritation on the skin.

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