What A Gent’s Wearing: Autumn Tailoring in Wool ft. Jack Wills (sponsored)

Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring

With the recent cold snap that has descended on the UK, I decided to put together a tailored outfit designed for all your seasonally-transitional needs. To help me with this, Jack Wills decided to offer me one of their new Bloomsbury suits to use in my outfit. So with the mercury slowly falling and the sun getting lower, I hit the streets of London to see how my new look stood up against the UK’s somewhat temperamental weather

Photo credit: Rebecca Spencer Photography

The Look

This is a prime example of “less is more” using very simple elements to create a bold statement. The blue white and grey fibers in the material of the suit create subtle changes in colour depending on the light at that time of the day, whilst the white shirt and square-fold pocket square give a classic look that is incredibly timeless yet works well with the look of the material.

I was inspired by Don Draper and Gene Kelly and their classic grey flannel suit styles, a look that never goes out of style and oozes masculinity. It’s a look I’ve been keen to put together for a while now but the opportunity (and weather) has inhibited my efforts. It’s also a great statement piece that defies age and fashion trends so is perfect for men who are looking to find a regular suit staple in their wardrobe.

Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 2Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 3Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 4

The Details of Autumn Tailoring

For me, the details make an outfit and this is no exception. The tie uses similar colouring to the suit but in a much more contemporary manner to help modernise the look, whilst the ultra slim watch takes an old-fashioned design and brings it into the 21st Century. Meanwhile, the black suede boots add more texture to the outfit but also help protect against colder weather when the morning frost starts to set in.

These smaller elements reflect the rest of the outfit and compliment the individual characteristics of the larger items, continuing the theme of classic and contemporary working together.

Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 5Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 6 Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 7Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 8

Shedding A Layer

Of course, the problem with Autumn is that it’s not always cold. Wearing wool in post-summer warmth is not going to comfortable and, fortunately, this outfit looks great when you remove the jacket. The shirt, tie and trousers form a lighter feeling outfit, without looking any more casual or detracting from the overall style.

Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 9 Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 10

Versatility & Warmth

The main benefit of this outfit is that it suits your situation. Whether it’s warmer late summer afternoon or a cold Autumn evening, it will look effortless and keep you comfortable. A great combination of classic elegance and modern themes, making an outfit that is fit for any gentleman in the Summer/Autumn period.

Jack Wills - Bloomsbury Suit Autumn Tailoring 11

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