What A Gent’s Wearing: Summer/Autumn Casual Styling

Men's Style: Summer/Autumn Casual Styling

The transition between Autumn and Summer is always tricky to navigate when it comes to outfits. Cold, crisp mornings give way to warm afternoons in the sun before cooling again into chilly evenings, so putting together a style that suits these elements can be difficult to pull off. What you need is something that is light enough to be comfortable to wear when things get warmer but not so thin that you’ll feel the cold when a strong wind picks up. So, I put together this outfit as a way of crossing two seasons with one look…

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Grey is one of my favourite colours and I loved combining the two different shades to create a more masculine, classic look. The long sleeve polo is a fantastic way of keeping arms covered whilst still having the versatility to roll them up in the afternoons. It can also work in both smart/casual and relaxed situations making this a great outfit for a night out or one for lunch with friends. The slim cut of the jeans helps create a trimmed silhouette and compliments the contrast between the two shades of grey.

Delivering The Details

For me, the details make this outfit as they work with the minimalist theme of the overall style whilst acting as smaller statement pieces in their own right. The standout here is the ultra-slim, steel bracelet watch which adds a sharp twist to the look using classic design without any flash. The shoes, when combined with bare ankle, add a slight Italian flair to the style and helps keep a summer vibe.

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Deconstructing the Look

Top – French Connection

Sunglasses – Bailey Nelson

Belt – Hawes & Curtis

Watch – Rotary Watches

Jeans – H&M

Shoes – Frank Wright

If you were looking to add a layer, I’d suggest a double-breasted, dark tan leather jacket or long camel coat to help keep the elements at bay. You an also swap the shoes for boots if you’re not keen on going sock-less when the Autumn frost begins to settle.

Men's Style: Summer/Autumn Casual Styling 7Men's Style: Summer/Autumn Casual Styling 8

The Final Verdict

I’m a big fan of this look and have definitely made it something of reliable base to fall back on if I’m in need of something that’s easy to put together but still looks the part. It’s clean, smart and elegant without looking like too much effort has been put into the thought process. Each item has its own detail that contributes to the overall look and it completely removes any unnecessary extravagance or noise. It is a great Autumn casual look that will get you on the right path heading into winter but still let you savour the last of that late Summer sun.

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