What A Gent’s Wearing: Wedding Attire ft. Hardy Amies [AD]

The spring/summer months hail the beginning of wedding season and thus the opportunity to up your style game from every-day suit to a look that highlights the importance of the day, and encapsulates your personal style and character. Hardy Amies were kind enough to invite me to go in and style a new outfit which would work at any wedding. I achieved this by using classic themes with modern tailoring styles to create a sharp outfit any man can pull off.

Location: Queen’s House, Greenwich

Photography: Anton Welcome

Creating Single-Colour Style

I regularly talk about using colour to create contrasts in outfits that help them stand out and add definition. However, with this look, I wanted to use a single colour to show that a statement can still be made without needing bright colours (especially if you don’t feel confident wearing them). You can create such a statement by using great detail and sharp contrasts without lots of colour. For the most part, I’ve used navy and white to create this look but it could be done equally as well with grey, black or a dark green whilst maintaining the white accents. The cut and quality of the tailoring is what gives this suit its punch, which means you don’t have to do a great deal to make it look its best.

Breaking Down The Details

There are certain themes within the outfit that utilise classic styles to give a timeless air; the peaked lapel is an example of this, not often found in modern tailoring but gives the effect of broadening the shoulders and chest. Whilst the square-fold pocket square is most commonly seen in suited looks from the late 50s/early 60s.

The micro-dot navy tie adds subtle detail and texture to the neck and chest area with a slim-fit shirt creating a clean line underneath the waistcoat. The black-to-grey rounded glasses are a nod to the likes of Michael Caine and Gregory Peck in the hay day of silver-screen style. Finally, a small detail which embodies a more modern trend, yet works well with the overall piece, is the sockless oxblood shoes. These give a hint of Italian flair to the overall ensemble whilst offering a refined vibe of summer to the suit.

Wedding Suit: Hardy Amies - 2Wedding Suit: Hardy Amies - 3Wedding Suit: Hardy Amies - 4Wedding Suit: Hardy Amies - 5Wedding Suit: Hardy Amies - 6Wedding Suit: Hardy Amies - 8

My thanks to Hardy Amies for inviting me in and making me a part of their campaign. If you would like to find out more about their tailoring and designs, you can check out their full suit collection online, check out what’s new or go into their Savile Row store and see them for yourself. Alternatively, you can also check them out on Instagram @hardyamiesldn for style inspiration. This was a wonderful opportunity to try out some of the best suit styles in London and to challenge myself to create a new look suitable for the fast-approaching wedding season.

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Adam Walker - The Male Stylist