What A Gent’s Wearing: The Kingsman Suit

Kingsman Suit

“The suit is the modern gentleman’s armour. The Kingsmen are the new knights.” – Harry Hart

I’ve been obsessed with the Kingsman suit styles ever since the first movie launched in 2014. One of the main things I loved about both films was how they brought traditional tailoring onto the modern cinema screen with style and panache, with subtle nods to established style elements intertwined with contemporary designs. I was a huge fan of Eggsy’s suit, the crisp cut and suave details meant it stood head and shoulders above any other movie suit in recent years.

Having said that, I’d never really been brave enough to try and style a double-breasted suit and felt the look might end up feeling a bit dated when I wore it. However, thanks to the gentlemen at Scotch & Rich, who gifted me one of their suits, I was able to style the look out and took a wander around London to see how it feels and wears in the heat of the city.

Photography by: Fordtography

Form, Fit & Feel

One of my main concerns with this suit was that it might end up feeling a tad heavy, especially in the summer heat of London when I did this shoot. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the suit as it is both soft and light, using high quality, breathable fabrics that allow for ease of movement. The tailored fit around the waist slims the abdomen whilst the wider, winged lapel broadens the chest and shoulders giving an overall clean “v-shape” to the upper body.

The slim, no-break cut of the trousers helps lengthen the legs slightly and helps lengthen the overall outfit without looking disproportionate and avoiding stacking at the ankles. The overall look hearkens back to the golden era of Savile Row, the concept of high quality, subtle designs giving the look of a gentleman, translated to modern 21st Century London.

Kingsman Suit - 10

Classic Inspiration

Kingsman Suit - 4

Though it’s fairly obvious the look is heavily inspired by Eggsy’s suit in the original movie, I also wanted to pull from style used in the early 60s by the likes of Michael Caine and Steve McQueen. The idea was to create look that incorporated those classic elements of suit styling whilst building on the contemporary nature of the Kingsman look. I also wanted the fit to be fairly modern so requested a slimmer fit around the waist for the jacket and trousers to create clean-cut silhouette.

At the same time, I decided against using black shoes and accessories, instead going for dark tan to build some older suit styles into the look in order to ensure the outfit had subtle nods to those 1960s suited outfits, whilst building on them with a modern fit and feel. I added to this by using slightly rounder glasses/sunglasses than the Kingsman movie utilized, adding a dash of Italian flair to the whole look.

The Kingsman Suit - 1Kingsman Suit - 5Kingsman Suit - 9Kingsman Suit - 6Kingsman Suit - 7

The Kingsman Suit – Building The Look

Kingsman Suit - 3

As usual, I’ve broken down the outfit into its individual elements with links to the individual product pages if you wanted to shop the look:

Suit – Scotch & Rich

Pocket Square – Moss Bros

Glasses – Ollie Quinn

Shirt – T.M. Lewin

Tie – T.M. Lewin

Watch – Rotary

Belt – Hawes & Curtis

Shoes – Paul Smith

(Side note: The umbrella, though a good prop, was entirely useless on such a sunny day.)

Kingsman Suit - 8Kingsman Suit - 11

So, there you have it, the Kingsman Suit. Overall this is one of my favourite outfits I’ve put together on here and definitely my favourite suit, it treads the line between traditional and modern incorporate some of the most iconic trends from both. It accentuates the chest and arms whilst actively slimming the waist and creates a look that is not only timeless but, in my opinion, a pretty great homage to the Kingsman style but with my own twist.

I’d like to thank Scotch & Rich for their generous suit donation, which inspired me to put together this outfit and post, go check out their site and their suits if you get the chance! You can get £25 off any purchase over £120 through this link or by using code “TMS25”. I’d also like to thank Kaye Fordtography (credited above) who put together a fantastic shoot with great energy and expert advice on constructing photos as well as lighting/framing. Go check out her work on her site, give her a follow and give her feedback, she’s a rising talent in the photography industry and it was a genuine pleasure to work with her.

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