4 Things To Remember for Building Positive Body Image

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Some of my most popular articles have been about positive body image and how men struggle with the way they look, yet are reluctant to discuss it with those around them. I wanted to go into how the discovery of my own personal style has helped me overcome some of my biggest body issues, as well as talk about the challenges I face every day in the hope to promote discussion around the subject matter. View Post

5 Plus-Size Male Fashion Bloggers Promoting Positive Body Image


A few months back I wrote a piece discussing the ever-growing issue of male body image and how it impacts the way men feel and dress in their day-to-day lives. Having received a great deal of feedback from many of you, it soon became apparent that one of the main complaints you have is that bloggers who talk about fashion for larger/broader body types are hard to find.

So, today I’ve put together 5 men’s style bloggers who are paving the way for bigger body types and destroying body image stereotypes with it. These gents prove that just because you aren’t a skinny fit kind of guy, doesn’t mean you have any excuse not to look sharp. So check out these fellows making a big impact with their big styles. View Post

Discussing Male Body Image Issues & My Own Insecurities

I have always said that over recent years we have been seeing more of the pressures felt by women for decades, concerning body image, style and appearance, now being felt by men. Although in many ways this has sparked a revolution within men’s style, as many fashion-conscious men have risen to become top authorities within the industry, this has also resulted in a new wave of body image issues and insecurities in men across the world.

Before I continue, I should state that these same insecurities have plagued women and still do to this day. Furthermore, I in no way support the tendencies of brands to promote unhealthy ideals of beauty whilst actively shaming those who do not fit these same trends in either female or male society. This is something that affects all people at one time or another in their lives and can lead to both physical and mental health issues in the long run such as depression, body dysmorphic disorder, anorexia and even suicide. So today I wanted to step forward and put my own insecurities out into the world, not only to prove to you that they exist in all of us, but also to prove to myself that I need to recognise and resolve what I dislike about my own body.
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