The Male Stylist Around The Internet (Part 2)

As the blog founder and editor, I spend most of my time editing and working on content that is hosted on this site. As readers of the blog you’ve probably read a fair few of these posts, however what you may not know is that I have also written articles and been interviewed on other sites. I wanted to post a few more of these on here to give you an opportunity to read them and see a few other talented members of the blogging community in action.

Blogger Showcase: Adam Walker of The Male Stylist – Mallzee

Screenshot (23)

Mallzee, a popular shopping app based in Edinburgh has been doing blogger showcases to show off different styles in both male and female fashion. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to the blog to discuss my own personal style and the inspiration behind the outfits on the blog. View Post

The Male Stylist: Our First 6 Months


That’s right, happy half-birthday to The Male Stylist! After 6 months, 88 articles, 2000+ tweets, 1200+ followers, a fair few blogger collaborations and over 18,000 hits, the site has reached a big milestone. It’s been lots of hard work, plenty of late nights and a tonnes of fun. This is by no means the end for The Male Stylist, I’m only growing the blog from here, but I wanted to take a moment to thank some people who, with their help and support, made sure The Male Stylist was here today. View Post

What a Gent is Listening to: Chet Baker

If you’re looking for some chilled music for a gentleman’s party this summer then Chet Baker is the artist for you. One of the most iconic names in music his style is the embodiment of classic jazz, exploring his pain and drug-addiction through stunningly beautiful and timeless music. View Post